Bowery at Midnight


Wallace Fox

Enjoyably cheap Monogram B-picture with Lugosi playing a professor of psychology who, under an assumed name, runs a soup kitchen which serves as a front to hire criminals to perform jewel heists.

Potentially interesting film is botched by a lack of focus on the creepier elements, i.e. Lugosi's heroin addicted doctor pal (Kelly) who keeps reanimated corpses in the basement. Also has one of those endings that ruins the whole film. Still has elements of interest, such as the surprisingly overt portrayal (for 1942) of a drug addict. Lugosi's method of disposing of no longer useful employees does foreshadow the opening scenes of The Dark Knight.

Screencaps are from a pretty poor public domain copy, so apologies for quality.

-Dave W.

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30th October 1942

Bowery At Midnight (Roan Group)
12th December 2000


Bela Lugosi
Prof. Frederick Brenner,
aka Karl Wagner
John Archer
Richard Dennison
Wanda McKay
Judy Malvern
Tom Neal
Frankie Mills
Vince Barnett
Anna Hope
Mrs. Brenner
John Berkes
Fingers Dolan
J. Farrell MacDonald
Police Capt. Mac Mitchell
Dave O'Brien
Police Sgt. Pete Crawford
Lucille Vance
Mrs. Malvern
Lew Kelly
Doc Brooks
Wheeler Oakman
Ray Miller
Big Man
Willy Castello
Mr. Atlas, Jeweler
Pat Costello
Tramp Questioned by Richard
George Eldredge
Detective Thompson
Bernard Gorcey
Shopkeeper (uncredited)
Eddie Hall
Tramp Playing Checkers
Eddie Kane
Police Chief Martin
Ralph Littlefield
Big Man's Friend
Theodore Lorch
Tramp Playing Checkers
Walter McGrail
Coroner (uncredited)
'Snub' Pollard
Motorist (uncredited)
Bob Reeves
Henchman (uncredited)
Bobby Stone
Newsboy (uncredited)
Atlas' Clerk
Second Jeweler
Mrs. Dennison
Prof. Brenner's Secretary

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