The Brasher Doubloon

The High Window


John Brahm
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Efficient streamlining of Raymond Chandler's complicated novel The High Window. Montgomery is not the ideal Marlowe by any stretch, (though he makes a decent effort), and Guild's Merle is not the hysterical neurotic character of the novel, but the supporting cast is fine, especially Bates as an overbearing harridan and Kortner as a lecherous Peter Lorre-like blackmailer.

Note: Werbisek's role as a maid was deleted, but IMDb's claim that Ethel Griffies is in this appears to be a confusion with her appearance in Time to Kill, the Michael Shayne film based on the same novel. Gargan's role as a truck driver also appears to have been deleted.

-Dave W.

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The Brasher Doubloon
6th February 1947

72 mins

George Montgomery
Philip Marlowe
Nancy Guild
Merle Davis
Conrad Janis
Leslie Murdock
Roy Roberts
Detective Lieutenant Jesse Breeze
Fritz Kortner
Rudolph Vannier
Florence Bates
Mrs. Elizabeth Bright Murdock
Marvin Miller
Vince Blair
Alfred Linder
Eddie Prue
Houseley Stevenson
Elisha Morningstar
Jack Overman
Apartment Manager
Jack Conrad
George Anson
Paul Maxey
Robert Adler
Sergeant Spangler
George Magrill
Al Eben
Baggage Room Attendant
Ben Erway
Mr. Shaw
Joe Palma
Lucky Club Attendant
Ray Spiker
Jack Stoney
Mike - Hood
Reed Hadley
Dr. Carl Moss
Edward Gargan
Truck Driver
Gisela Werbisek
(scene deleted)

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