Lost in Space


Stephen Hopkins
New Line Cinema
Production Company / Studio

Attempt to reboot the cheesy TV show is underwhelming, but considering that the original show, like all Irwin Allen productions, was utter garbage, it is something of an improvement. Oldman is definitely better than the simpering, potential pedophile Dr. Smith of the original series, but his villain is so vaguely defined that his menace is diminished. That's the problem with the film in general; there is so much going on that whatever plot there is is lost in the noise.

The other problem is the cast; the two kids are awfully annoying (Johnson especially gives Jake Lloyd a running for brat that sank a sci-fi franchise), and the parents aren't much better. Hurt especially is not so much phoning it in as mailing an occassional postcard to his career. Ironic that LeBlanc gives the most invested performance considering Mark Goddard was the only adult who tried to act on the old show. At least Dick Tufeld reprises the robot's voice, the one saving grace of the film. The addition of a "cute" CGI alien sort of suggests the producers knew they had a stinker in the works and were trying to hedge their bets. it doesn't help.

This was supposed to be the first film of a trilogy; the film performed so poorly that was scrapped, and serves as a pretty good epitaph for this attempt to restart a franchise. it would take until 2018 when Netflix rebooted it as a series for Lost in Space to recover.

-Dave W.

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Lost in Space
3rd April 1998

130 mins

Lost in Space
31st July 1998


Lost In Space: The Movie (Special Edition)
6th October 1998


William Hurt
Professor John Robinson
Mimi Rogers
Dr. Maureen Robinson
Heather Graham
Dr. Judy Robinson
Lacey Chabert
Penny Robinson
Jack Johnson
Will Robinson
Gary Oldman
Dr. Zachary Smith
Matt LeBlanc
Major Don West
Jared Harris
Older Will Robinson
Mark Goddard
Lennie James
Jeb Walker
Marta Kristen
Reporter #1
June Lockhart
Principal Cartwright
Edward Fox
Adam Sims
Lab Technician
Angela Cartwright
Reporter #2
John Sharian
Noah Freeman
Abigail Canton
Annie Tech
Richard Saperstein
Attack Pilot
Dick Tufeld
Voice: Robot
Gary A. Hecker
Voice: Blarp
(as Gary Hecker)
William Todd-Jones
Spider Smith (Shadow)
(as William Todd Jones)
John Philip Dayton
Boy on Earth
Kamay Lau
Space Cadet Reporter
Greg Powell
Stunt Coordinator
Graeme Crowther
Stunt Coordinator: Second Unit
(as Graeme C. Crowther)
Sarah Franzi
Joss Gower
Sy Hollands
Paul Jennings
Morgan Johnson
Mark Lisbon
Andy Smart
George Cottle
Stunt Uilities
Gary Powell
Stunt Utilties
David Ware
Stunt Utilities