Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace


George Lucas
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Production Company

Two Jedi knights are sent to a far-off planet to investigate a trade dispute, but their involvement infuriates the evil/powerful Darth Sidious, who sends his highly-trained assassin to eliminate them.

One of the most eagerly awaited and vastly disappointing films of all time, all of which can be laid at George Lucas' feet, mainly his inability to direct actors or write an interesting script with memorable dialogue (note the original trilogy was largely the work of much more talented writers and directors).

Racist stereotypes, unfunny comedy relief (Harold Lloyd was funny; in this context, it's not, and ripping off 75 year old comedies shows a dearth of imagination) and boring talk about trade negotiations make this a joyless experience. The one saving grace is Ewan McGregor, who manages to emulate Alec Guinness without imitating him. At least the next two prequel films were a mild improvement.

Those who are patient enough to sit through the end credits are treated to a nice little surprise (just as the title for "Released by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation" rolls off the screen).

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Addendum: Lucas has been tweaking his films again for their Blu-Ray release. On the bright side Yoda is much better looking. On the dark side, it shows an incredible insecurity and lack of respect for the people who made the film on Lucas' part. The Star Wars franchise will never become great until Lucas finally takes his hands off the steering wheel or passes on, much as was the case with Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek.

-Dave Wright

Having watched the three prequels back to back whilst enjoying the flu, I'm of the opinion there is ONE very good movie in there but for a little re-writing and copious editing.

~The sloth

19th May 1999

136 mins

16th July 1999

132 mins

Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)
12th November 2002

133 mins

20th September 2005

127 mins

Star Wars
Episode I
The Phantom Menace
10th February 2012

Liam Neeson
Qui-Gon Jinn
Ewan McGregor
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Natalie Portman
Queen Amidala
Natalie Portman
Jake Lloyd
Anakin Skywalker
Pernilla August
Shmi Skywalker
Frank Oz
Ian McDiarmid
Senator Palpatine
Ian McDiarmid
Darth Sidious
Oliver Ford Davies
Sio Bibble
Hugh Quarshie
Captain Panaka
Ahmed Best
Jar Jar Binks
Anthony Daniels
Kenny Baker
Terence Stamp
Chancellor Valorum
Brian Blessed
Boss Nass
Andrew Secombe
Ray Park
Darth Maul
Lewis Macleod
Warwick Davis
Steve Speirs
Captain Tarpals
Silas Carson
Republic Cruiser Pilot/
Nute Gunray/
Lott Dod
Jerome Blake
Rune Haako
Alan Ruscoe
Daultay Dofine
Ralph Brown
Ric Olié
Celia Imrie
Fighter Pilot Bravo 5
Benedict Taylor
Fighter Pilot Bravo 2
Clarence Smith
Fighter Pilot Bravo 3
Samuel L. Jackson
Mace Windu
Dominic West
Palace Guard
Karol Cristina da Silva
Friday Wilson
(as Friday (Liz) Wilson)
Candice Orwell
Sofia Coppola
Keira Knightley
(as Kiera Knightley)
Bronagh Gallagher
Republic Cruiser Captain
(Maoi Madakor)
Silas Carson
Republic Cruiser Pilot
(Antidar WIlliams)
John Fensom
Greg Proops
Voice: Fode
Scott Capurro
Voice: Beed
Margaret Towner
Dhruv Chanchani
Oliver Walpole
Katie Lucas
(as Jenna Green)
Megan Udall
Hassani Shapi
Eeth Koth
Gin Clarke
Adi Gallia
(as Gin)
Khan Bonfils
Saesee Tiin
Michelle Taylor
Yarael Poof
Michaela Cottrell
Even Piell
Dipika O'Niell Joti
Depa Billaba
Phil Eason
Mark Coulier
Aks Moe
Kathy Smee
Yoda Puppeteer
Donald Austen
Yoda Puppeteer
(as Don Austen)
David Greenaway
Yoda Puppeteer
Lindsay Duncan
Voice of TC-14
Peter Serafinowicz
Voice of Darth Maul
James Taylor
Voice of Rune Haako
Chris Sanders
Voice of Daultay Dofine
Marc Silk
Voice of Aks Moe
Amanda Lucas
Voice of Tey How
(as Tyger)
Tom Sylla
Voice: OWO-1
Sacha Alexander
Graf Zapalo
Michonne Bourriague
Aurra Sing
Ben Burtt
Naboo Courtier
Marc Coulier
Aks Moe / Mawhonic
Kamay Lau
Toby Longworth
Gragra/Voice: Senator Lott Dod
Rick McCallum
Naboo Courtier
Christian J. Simpson
Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes
Paul Martin Smith
Naboo Courtier
Bill Tlusty
Chokk, Jabba's Bodyguard
Danny Wagner
Matthew Wood
Bib Fortuna/Ody Mandrell
Richard Armitage
Naboo Fighter Pilot
Paul Bannon
Pod Racer Mechanic
Don Bies
Pod Race Mechanic
Alexi Kaye Campbell
Naboo Guard
Doug Chiang
Flag Bearer
John Coppinger
Roman Coppola
Senate Guard
Sean Cronin
Coruscant Senate Guard
Russell Darling
Philip Delancy
Michael Dondero
Voice: Battle Droid / Protocol Droid
Andrew Elias
Naboo Royal Guard
Joss Gower
Naboo Fighter Pilot
Raymond Griffiths
GONK Droid
Sally Hawkins
John Knoll
Lt. Rya Kirsch - Bravo 4/Flag Bearer
Terence McGovern
Voice: Ratts Tyrell and Bozzie Baranta
João Costa Menezes
Naboo Fighter Pilot
Taylor Murphy
Battle Droid
Lorne Peterson
Mos Espa Citizen
Alan Ruscoe
Plo Koon
Mike Savva
Naboo Royal Guard
Christopher Scarabosio
Neumodian Senator (voice)
Christian Simpson
Lt. Gavyn Sykes - Bravo 6
Scott Squires
Naboo Speeder Driver
Diva Shaliqua
Ben Quadinaros
Clegg Holdfast
Dud Bolt
Andrew Lawden
Naboo Soldier
Stand-in: Qui-Gon Jinn
Alan Harris
Stand-In: Terence Stamp
Nick Gillard
Stunt Coordinator / Swordmaster
Andreas Petrides
Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Obi-Wan Double
Rob Inch
Stunt Performer / Qui-Gon Double
Dominic Preece
Stunt Performer
Mark Anthony Newman
Stunt Performer
(as Mark Newman)
Morgan Johnson
Stunt Performer
Joss Gower
Stunt Performer
Ray De-Haan
Stunt Performer
Dani Biernat
Stunt Performer
(as Danni Biernat)

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots
Dave Wright: Special thanks

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