Wild Wild West


Barry Sonnenfeld

Steampunk flavored mess with Branagh hamming it up as a legless megalomaniac bent on taking over the USA and selling it off with help of a giant mechanical spider. Kline and Smith are the two Secret Service agents tasked with stopping him. Hilarity ensues...

Not quite as bad as its reputation implies, but certainly not a great film, either. Being based on an inventive and funny TV show, and given the talent involved, it should have been much, much more.

30th June 1999


Wild, Wild West
30th November 1999

105 mins

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Will Smith
James West
Kevin Kline
Artemus Gordon/President Grant
Kenneth Branagh
Dr. Arliss Loveless
Salma Hayek
Rita Escobar
M. Emmet Walsh
Ted Levine
General "Bloodbath" McGrath
Frederique Van Der Wal
Musetta Vander
Sofia Eng
Miss Lippenrieder
Bai Ling
Miss East
Garcelle Beauvais
Mike H. McGaughy
Big Reb (as Mike McGaughy)
Jerry Wills
Other Reb
Rodney A. Grant
Buck Taylor
Cross-Eyed Reb
E. J. Callahan
Mr. Pinkerton
E.J. Callahan
Mr. Pinkerton
Debra Christofferson
Dora Lookalike
James Lashly
Reb #1
Dean Rader-Duval
Reb #2
Christian Aubert
French Dignitary
Orestes Matacena
Spanish Dignitary
Ian Abercrombie
British Dignitary
Ismael Carlo
Mexican Dignitary
Ismael 'East' Carlo
Mexican Dignitary
Bob Rumnock
White House Aide
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Dr. Guillermo Escobar
Jerry Potter
George Washington
Mik Scriba
Michael Sims
Prof. Thaddeus Morton
Kris Andersson
Dancer (uncredited)
Susan Carr George
Dancer (uncredited)
Glenn Craley
Railroad Executive (uncredited)
Joseph J. Dawson
Saloon Roughneck (uncredited)
Natalie Fabry
Little Girl (uncredited)
Angelito Felix
Billy (uncredited)
Phil Hawn
Formal Guest at Masquerade Ball (uncredited)
Scott Hislop
Guest at at Masquerade Ball (uncredited)
Erik Hyler
Dancer (uncredited)
David Lea
Thug with Knife (uncredited)
Benee Leavy
String quartet opening shot of the New Orleans Bowl scene (uncredited)
Derek Mears
Metal Head (uncredited)
Tiger Mendez
Mexican Military Attache (uncredited)
Ty O'Neal
Living Portrait (uncredited)
Scott Sandler
Young Joe Finnegan (uncredited)
Bret Schweinfurth
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Tom Seiler
Southern Colonel (uncredited)
Marshal Silverman
1870s Scientist (uncredited)
J. Nathan Simmons
Railroad Worker (uncredited)
William Victor Skrabanek
Congressman (uncredited)
Tracy Weisert
Brothel Girl (uncredited)
Jennifer Wellings
Saloon Girl (uncredited)

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