Storm of the Century


Craig R. Baxley

An isolated community trapped by the titular weather get visited by a demon on a shopping expedition. Despite the TV movie provenance, this is easily one of the best Stephen King works on celluloid, thanks to great ensemble acting, Colm Feore's calm, menacing performance and an ending that refuses to play nice.
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Storm Of The Century (Special Edition)
22nd June 1999


Timothy Daly
Mike anderson
Colm Feore
Andre Linoge
Debrah Farentino
Molly Anderson
Casey Siemaszko
Alton Hatcher
Jeffrey DeMunn
Robbie Beals
Julianne Nicholson
Cat Withers
Dyllan Christopher
Ralph Anderson
Becky Ann Baker
Ursula Godsoe
Spencer Breslin
Donny Beals
Myra Carter
Cora Stanhope
Torri Higginson
Angela Carver