Red Planet


Antony Hoffman
NPV Entertainment
Production Company
Village Roadshow Pictures
Production Company
Warner Brothers
Production Company

When it is determined that existence of life on Earth is becoming limited, a group of six astronauts/scientists head the first manned mission to the planet Mars to try and understand its climate and to see whether it could be inhabitable in the future.
Largely uneventful sci-fi futuristic thriller, which isn't all that thrilling.

Released on November 10th, 2000, exactly 8 months to the day after Touchstone's similar project Mission To Mars.

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6th November 2000

Red Planet
27th March 2001


Val Kilmer
Robby Gallagher
Carrie-Anne Moss
Commander Kate Bowman
Tom Sizemore
Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Benjamin Bratt
Lt. Ted Santen
Simon Baker
Chip Pettengill
Terence Stamp
Dr. Bud Chantilas

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