The Broken Horseshoe


Martyn C. Webster
Nettlefold Films

Stamp collecting doctor gets involved in a murder mystery when he finds one of his patients dead.

Serviceable enough B-mystery, based on an early TV serial. That shows in the finished product, as the film is a bit stagy and soap operatic, with periodic blasts of dramatic music that you would think signals a commercial break. The real problem is Beatty’s character, who for a doctor is an incredibly stupid person. Granted, throughout most of the film he’s thinking with something other than his brain. Perhaps believable, but very trying to watch, and assuredly the real police would not be as tolerant of his foolishness as they are in the film. Satisying ending, though, and good performances from Coke and Delgado. Also the usual bursts of overacting from Beatty, and the usual distant, distracted performance from Sellars.

-Dave W.

23rd June 1953

76 mins

Robert Beatty
Dr. Mark Fenton
Elizabeth Sellars
Della Freeman
Peter Coke
Detective Inspector George Bellamy
Hugh Kelly
Dr. Craig
Vida Hope
Jackie Leroy
Janet Butler
Sister Rogers
Ferdy Mayne
Charles Constance
James Raglan
Superintendent Grayson
Frank Atkinson
Victoria Station Ticket Clerk
Hugh Pryse
Mr. Rattray
George Benson
George Prescott, Hall Porter
Roger Delgado
Felix Gallegos
Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Detective Sergeant Lewis
Toke Townley
Fred Barker, Hall Porter
Jean Hardwicke
Anthony Lang
Johnny (uncredited)
Unknown 2351-02
Hospital Visitor
Richard Nellor
Hospital Visitor
Harold Sanderson
Hospital Visitor
Unknown 2351-03
Dranston Court Porter
Arthur Dibbs
Helios Restaurant Patron
Marc Sheldon
Helios Waiter (uncredited)
Barry Johns
Hospital Orderly
Unknown 2351-04
P.C. in Superintendent's Office
Unknown 2351-05
Police Chemist
Robert Gregory
Man at Northolt Airport

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