Le Soupirant

The Suitor


Pierre Étaix

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France Arnel
Stella, the Olympia star (as France Arnell)
Pierre Étaix
The Suitor
Laurence Lignières
Laurence, Pierre's Neighbour (as Laurence Lignères)
Claude Massot
Denise Péronne
Pierre's Mother (as Denise Perrone)
Karin Vesely
Robert Blome
Pierre Maguelon
Olympia's Stage Manager (as Petit Bobo)
Dominique Clément
Dora Diana
Bernard Dumaine
Armelle Engel
Édouard Francomme
(as Francomme)
Jeannette François
Lucien Frégis
Painter in Park Scene
Brigitte Juslin
(as Birgitta Juslin)
Patrice Laffont
Stella's Son
Kim Lokay
Stella's Bodyguard
Georges Loriot
(as Loriot)
Jean-Pierre Moutier
Sally Pearce
Guy Piérauld
(as Guy Pierraut)
Gilles Rosset
Robert Sabatier
Roger Trapp
Anna Abigaël
Old Lady in Lift Scene
Béatrice Arnac
Stella in TV Scene (archive footage)
Charles Bayard
Old Man in Lift Scene
Pierre Vernet
Man with Girl in Park Scene