Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Friday The 13th Part 9


Adam Marcus
New Line Cinema
Production Company

Jason Voorhees is dead; blown to bits in the opening five minutes, but during his mangled autopsy procedure a coroner becomes possessed by taking a large bite out of Jason's heart....which infects him and all those he comes in contact with.
Supposedly the last installment in the Friday The 13th series of movies (this was the NINTH believe it or not!), this one is just bizarre and really scraping the bottom of the never-ending barrel. Two versions, a cut version and an unrated version exist: the Region 1 DVD has both versions and is presented in 16:9 ratio, whereas the Region 2 has the unrated version but is in 4:3 ratio.

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13th August 1993

John D. LeMay
Steven Freeman
Kari Keegan
Jessica Kimble
Allison Smith
Steven Culp
Robert Campbell
Billy Green Bush
Sheriff Ed Landis
Rusty Schwimmer
Joey B.
Leslie Jordan
Andrew Bloch
Kipp Marcus
Officer Randy Parker
Richard Gant
Phil, the coroner
Adam Cranner
Julie Michaels
Agent Elizabeth Marcus
Kane Hodder
Jason Voorhees/
Security Guard
Erin Gray
Diana Kimble
Steven Williams
Creighton Duke (bounty hunter)
Kathryn Atwood
Alexis (camper)
Michelle Clunie
Deborah (camper)
Madelon Cutis
Officer Ryan
Tony Ervolina
Security Guard (sitting)
Diana Georger
Diana James
Dean Lorey
Assistant Coroner
Adam Marcus
Officer Bish
Michael B. Silver
Luke (camper)
Blake Conway
Officer Andell
James Gleason
Agent Abernathy
Brian Phelps
Officer Brian
Mark Thompson
Officer Mark
Jonathan Penner
David [scenes deleted]

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