Gangs of New York


Martin Scorsese

New York, 1846: a young man, the son of an Irish immigrant priest who as a child witnessed his fathers' death at the hands of a rival gang member, swears his revenge of those responsible.

Once again, director Scorsese was famously screwed by the Academy and denied a well-deserved Oscar, in favour of Rob Marshall's Chicago (2002) - one of the most controversial Academy Award decisions in its 80 year history in my opinion.

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20th December 2002

9th January 2003

22nd September 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio
Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel Day-Lewis
'Bill 'The Butcher'
Cameron Diaz
Jenny Everdeane
Jim Broadbent
William 'Boss' Tweed
John C. Reilly
Happy Jack Mulraney
Henry Thomas
Johnny Sirocco
Liam Neeson
Priest Vallon, Amsterdam's Father
Brendan Gleeson
Walter 'Monk' McGinn
Gary Lewis
Stephen Graham
Eddie Marsan
Alec McCowen
Rev. Raleigh
David Hemmings
Mr. Schermerhorn
Larry Gilliard
Jimmy Spoils
Cara Seymour
Hell-Cat Maggie
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
P.T. Barnum
Peter-Hugo Daly
One-Armed Priest
Barbara Bouchet
Mrs. Schermerhorn
Michael Byrne
Horace Greeley
Lucy Davenport
Miss Schermerhorn
Tim Faraday
Plug Uglies Leader
Richard Graham
Harvey, Card Player
Alex Howden
Assistant Hangman
Larry Kaplan
Bloodied Bureaucrat
Iain McColl
Condemned Man
Cian McCormack
Young Amsterdam
Sean McGinley
Forty Thieves Leader
John McGlynn
Bowery Boys Leader
Nick Miles
Atlantic Guard Leader
John Anthony Murphy
Kerryonians Leader
Dave Nicholls
O'Connell Guard Leader
Maura O'Connell
Street Singer
Terry O'Neill
Chichesters Leader
Vincent Pickering
American Guard Leader
Ian Pirie
Slaughter Houseres Leader
James Ramsay
Condemned Man (Arthur)
Martin Scorsese
Wealthy Homeowner
John Sessions
Harry Watkins
Brendan White
Rab Affleck
Plug Uglies Leader
David Bamber
Passenger On Omnibus
Bill Barclay
Shirt Tails Leader
Nick Bartlett
Chichesters Leader
Peter Berling
Knife Act Caller
Michael H. Billingsley
Uncle Tom
Louie Brownsell
Legless Soldier
Man Cao
Chinese General
Liam Carney
Bill The Butcher's Gang #1
Eliane Chappuis
Chinese Whore
Basil Chung
Elderly Chinese At Pagoda
Gennaro Condemi
Ilaria D'Elia
Jenny's Girl
Brendan Dempsey
Provost Marshal Registrar
Alexander Deng
Chinese Boy Singer
Flaminia Fegarotti
Miss Eliza
Nevin Finnegan
Dead Rabbit Gang Member
Finbar Furey
Satan's Circus Singer
Andrew Gallagher
Young Johnny
Sean Gilder
Rat Pit Game Master
Robert Goodman
Forty Thieves Leader
Patrick Gordon
Carmen Hanlon
Jenny's Girl
Taddeo Harbutt
Unruly Man
Dick Holland
True Blue American Speaker
Channing C. Holmes
Tap Dancer
Kieran Hurley
Ford Kiernan
Black Joke Chief
Philip Kirk
O'Connell Guard Leader
Kathy Shao-Lin Lee
Chinese Dancer
Steven C. Matthews
Mr Shelby
David McBlain
Bill The Butcher's Gang #3
Gary McCormack
Bill The Butcher's Gang #2
Bronco McLoughlin
Alec McMahon
Resident Man
Alexia Murray
Stuart Ong
Chinese At Sparrow's Pagoda
Tim Pigott-Smith
Calvinist Minister
Marta Pilato
Whore #2
Douglas Plasse
Medical Student
Roberta Quaresima
Whore #1
Giovanni Lombardo Radice
Mr Legree
Bruce Steinheimer
Army Recruiter
Richard Strange
Jian Su
Chinese Acrobat
Dominique Vandenberg
Dead Rabbit Gang Member
Laurie Ventry
Resident Woman
Katherine Wallach
Jenny's Girl
World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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