Michael Mann

Hapless cab driver forced along on a series of assassinations by ruthless hitman.

Tense little thriller with excellent performances from Fox and Cruise although you have to buy off on a couple of HUGE coincidences.

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6th August 2004

17th September 2004

14th December 2004

24th January 2017

Tom Cruise
Jamie Foxx
Jada Pinkett Smith
Mark Ruffalo
Peter Berg
Richard Weidner
Bruce McGill
Irma P. Hall
Barry Shabaka Henley
Richard T. Jones
Traffic Cop #1
Klea Scott
Fed #1
Bodhi Elfman
Young Professional Man
Debi Mazar
Young Professional Woman
Javier Bardem
Emilio Rivera
Jamie McBride
Traffic Cop #2
Ken VerCammen
FBI Agent
Ken Waters
FBI Agent (as Ken Ver Cammen)
Charlie E. Schmidt
FBI Agent (as Charlie E. Schmidt Jr.)
Michael Bentt
Fever Bouncer (as Michael A. Bentt)
Ian Hannin
Cell Phone Partier
Robert Deamer
David Mersault
Crime Scene Cop
Anthony Ochoa
Crime Scene Cop
Omar Orozco
El Rodeo Doorman
Edgar Sanchez
El Rodeo Doorman
Edgar Sánchez
El Rodeo Doorman (as Edgar Sanchez)
Cosme Urquiola
El Rodeo Doorman
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Wade Williams
Fed #2 (as Wade Andrew Williams)
Paul Adelstein
Fed #3
Jessica Ferrarone
Female Criminalist
Troy Blendell
Morgue Attendant
Inmo Yuon
Peter Lim (as Inmo)
Howard Bachrach
Pissed Off Driver
Chic Daniel
Plainclothes Cop
Corinne Chooey
JoNell Kennedy
Waitress (as Jonell Kennedy)
Jonelle Kennedy
Steven Kozlowski
White Guy
Roger Stoneburner
White Guy
Rodney Sandberg
White Guy
George Petrina
White Guy
Doanld Dean
Jazz Musician
Donald Dean
Jazz Musician
Elliott Newman
Jazz Musician
Trevor Ware
Jazz Musician
Bobby English
Jazz Musician
Auggie Cavanagh
Jazz Musician
Ronald Muldrow
Jazz Musician
Peter McKernan
Police Helicopter Pilot (as Peter McKernan Jr.)
Ivor Shier
News Helicopter Pilot
Daniel Lujan
Daniel Luján
Rubio #1
Eddie Diaz
Rubio #2
Joey Burns
El Rodeo Band Member
John Convertino
El Rodeo Band Member
Josh Cruze
El Rodeo Band Member
Martin Flores
El Rodeo Band Member
Rick Garcia
El Rodeo Band Member
Larry G. Goldman
El Rodeo Band Member (as Lawrence Goldman)
Maurilio Pineda
El Rodeo Band Member
Dan Sistos
El Rodeo Band Member (as Daniel Sistos)
Jacob Valenzuela
El Rodeo Band Member
Luis Villegas
El Rodeo Band Member
Yussi Wenger
El Rodeo Band Member
Jason Statham
Airport Man
Angelo Tiffe
Sylvester Clarke
Ismeal Vidrio
Gas Station Attendant (as Ismael Vidrio)
Ron Eckert
Hotel Security Desk Guard
Manuel Urrego
Direction Asking Businessman
Jessie Bernard
Luis Moncada
Cold Eyed Killer
Dyna Teal
Sylvester Clarke Girl
Sandi Schroeder
Sylvester Clarke Girl
Michael-John Wolfe
Hotel Clerk
Addie Yungmee
Fever Dancer
J.D. McElroy
Fever Dancer
Megan Hiratzka
Fever Dancer
Kate Gopacco
Young Girl
Christy Yi
Young Girl
Lisa Marie Basada
Young Girl
Wilson Wong
Tactical Sergeant
Mark Stainbrook
Brandon Molale
Limo Driver
Marianne M. Arreaga
Police Helicopter Co-Pilot
Spike Silver
Police Helicopter Co-Pilot
Ben Mihm
News Helicopter Co-Pilot
Niles Roth
Helicopter Pilot
Linda Asuma
Richard Weidner's Wife (uncredited)
Paul Aulicino
Police Dispatcher (uncredited)
Esther Chae
Dancer at Night Club (uncredited)
Andy Cheng
Blonde Peter Lim Bodyguard (uncredited)
Conor Dean Smith
Tom (uncredited)
Danny Del Toro
Cold Eye Killer #3 (uncredited)
Michael Dotson
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Peter Lim's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Tara Erickson
Supporting (uncredited)
Jerald Garner
Dancer at Club Fever (uncredited)
Melissa Gomez
Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Annabella Gutman
Dancer (uncredited)
Laszlo Klima
Chop Shop Owner (uncredited)
Mark Kubr
Drug Man (uncredited)
Pharaoh Lambert
Dancer (uncredited)
Cameron Lee
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Kyu Lee
Tactical (uncredited)
Janet Linn
Bartender (uncredited)
Gino Montesinos
Rubio (uncredited)
Janessa Mun
Bartender (uncredited)
Masami Okada
Club Goer at Korean Club (uncredited)
Janice Paik
Bartender (uncredited)
Neil Patil
Limo Driver (uncredited)
Gary Rodriguez
Precision Driver (uncredited)
Tony Sagastizado I
Nightclub Staff (uncredited)
Erina Sako
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Emily VanSonnenberg
Lawyer (uncredited)
Emily Ming-An Wang
Hot Limo Girl (uncredited)
Michael Waxman
Lenny the Dispatcher
Henry T. Yamada
Korean Gangster (uncredited)

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