Bennett Miller

The story of Truman Capote and the creation of his greatest work, In Cold Blood, a peek into sensational murder. Philip Seymour Hoffman nabbed a well-deserved Oscar for the title role. Recommended.

3rd February 2006

24th February 2006

21st March 2006

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Truman Capote
Catherine Keener
Harper Lee
Clifton Collins Jr.
Perry Smith
Chris Cooper
Alvin Dewey
Bruce Greenwood
Jack Dunphy
Bob Balaban
William Shawn
David Wilson Barnes
Amy Ryan
Marie Dewey
Mark Pellegrino
Richard Hickock
Allie Mickelson
Laura Kinney
Kwesi Ameyaw
Marshall Bell
Warden Marshall Krutch
Jon Ted Wynne
Avery Tiplady
Alvin Dewey Jr.
John B. Destry
Pete Holt
Araby Lockhart
Dorothy Sanderson
John Maclaren
Judge Roland Tate
Jeremy Dangerfield
Jury Foreman
Robert Huculak
NY Reporter
C. Ernst Harth
Lowell Lee Andrews
Norman Armour
Literary Enthusiast
Bess Meyer
Linda Murchak
Miriam Smith
Bonnie Clutter
Michelle Harrison
Babe Paley
John Brown
Kansas State Patrol
Chad Bruce
Jack's Party Guest
Cory Cassidy
Court Marshall
Michal Grajewski
Young Assistant
Vivian Kalinov
New York Literary Party Guest
Roy MacEachern
Kansas Citizen