Murder by Proxy



Terence Fisher
Hammer Films

Sleazy, well as sleazy as you can get for 1954, tale of murder and memory loss. Lesser Hammer non-horror. For Hammer and UK cinema completists. Set includes six other titles from the same source. Never expected to see these on DVD.

-The Sloth

Clark wakes up from a bender with 500 pounds in his pocket, a new wife and a murdered father-in-law. Did he kill him, or is it a setup?

Not very good noir suffers from a variety of ailments, mainly a bad script with odd character motivations and some poor performances. Lee is very good, but like most of her films, she is underserved by the material.

-Dave W.

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Murder by Proxy
Helen Nielsen

19th March 1954

87 mins

Murder By Proxy
8th March 1955

87 mins

Dane Clark
Casey Morrow / Casimir Morikowski
Belinda Lee
Phyllis Brunner
Betty Ann Davies
Alicia Brunner
Eleanor Summerfield
Margaret 'Maggie' Doone
Andrew Osborn
Lance Gorden
Harold Lang
Travis / Victor Vanno
Jill Melford
Miss Nardis, Gorden's Secretary
Alvys Maben
Lita Huntley
(as Alvis Maben)
Michael Golden
Detective Inspector Johnson
Nora Gordon
Casey's Mother
(as Nora Gorden)
Alfie Bass
Ernie, the Barman
Cleo Laine
Nightclub Singer
Unknown 27162-01
Nightclub Waiter
Unknown 27162-01
Harry Brunning
Chelsea Embankment News Vendor
Lindsay Hooper
Detective Sergeant
Unknown 27162-01
Elevator Operator
Edwin Apps
Hotel Reception Clerk
Unknown 27162-01
Hotel Clerk
Joe Phelps
Police Constable
Olive Sloane
Martin Lawrence
Big John, Publican
Arthur Lovegrove
Man in Pub Arguing About Statistics
Unknown 27162-01
Pub Patron
Unknown 27162-01
Accordion Player in Pub
Unknown 27162-01
Pub Patron
Unknown 27162-01
Pianist in Pub
Norman Fisher
Pub Patron
Nan Kearns
Pub Patron
Aldwyn Davies
Pub Patron
Walter Cross
Pub Patron
Delphi Lawrence
Arnold Diamond
Brunner's Butler
Alfred Maron
Cockney Hotel Receptionist
Unknown 27162-01
Police Constable
Jack Sharp
Man in Pub

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