Gregory Hoblit

A special agent (Lane) is assigned to investigate a new untraceable and unstoppable website where a deadly serial killer (Cross) is placing live footage of his grisly murders. The more people who watch the site, the faster his victims die. [DVD sleeve notes].

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25th January 2008

13th May 2008

101 mins

Diane Lane
Jennifer Marsh
Billy Burke
Detective Eric Box
Colin Hanks
Griffin Dowd
Joseph Cross
Owen Reilly
Mary Beth Hurt
Stella Marsh
Peter Lewis
Richard Brooks
Tyrone Giordano
Tim Wilks
Perla Haney-Jardine
Annie Haskins
Tim DeZarn
Herbert Miller
Christopher Cousins
David Williams
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Arthur James Elmer
Brynn Baron
Mrs. Miller
Diana Brillhart
Daughter of Mrs. Miller
Sarah Brillhart
Daughter of Mrs. Miller
Erin Carufel
Gray Eubank
Daniel Liu
Detective Tom Moy

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