Andromeda Strain


Mikael Salomon

Remake of Michael Crichton's Sci-Fi detective story promises much but fails to deliver. Hokey new plot developments have been added - and our team of intrepid scientists manage to find time to flirt and workout when the survival of the World depends on them.

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26th May 2008

3rd June 2008

177 mins

Benjamin Bratt
Dr Jeremy Stone
Eric McCormack
Jack Nash
Christa Miller
Dr Angela Noyce
Daniel Dae Kim
Dr Tsi Chou
Viola Davis
Dr Charlene Barton
Justin Louis
Colonel Ferrus
Barry Flatman
Chuck Beeter
Ted Whittall
President Scott
Ted Atherton
Ed Dewitt
Tom McBeath
Kyle Tobler
Ricky Schroder
Major Bill Keane
Andre Braugher
General George Mancheck
Kurt Max Runte
Sheriff Martin Willis