Night Owls


After a series of burglaries in the local neighborhood, a police chief (Randolph) issues an ultimatum to one cop (Kennedy) to make an arrest of face the boot. So he enlists the help of two down-on-their-luck bums to burgle the chief's home to help him out.
Typically for the boys at this point in their film careers this 2-reeler relies more on sight gags than it does on dialogue.

Although mostly every film reference book and source list this film as 1930, the opening credits clearly indicate it was 1929. (It was officially released in the USA in January 1930). I hate to be picky about such trivialities but I also believe in being historically correct, so I have billed the movie according to the copyright credit.

25th September 1929

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Edgar Kennedy
Officer Kennedy
James Finlayson
Anders Randolph
Police Chief
Harry Bernard
Policeman behind Desk
Baldwin Cooke
Charles McMurphy

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