Cape Fear


Martin Scorsese

Modern-day remake of what was already a great movie. This time it's Martin Scorsese who takes the reigns in directing long-time friend De Niro in the role of Max Cady, a psychopath convict released from jail and seeking revenge on the counsellor who betrayed him 14 years ago.

Not an altogether convincing supporting cast, but Lewis is a scene stealer very early in her career and her unrehearsed, improvised drama scene with De Niro in the school is one of the best in the movie. Recommended, but not as tight as the 1961 original in my opinion.

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13th November 1991

6th March 1992

Cape Fear (1991/ Special Edition)
18th September 2001


Robert De Niro
Max Cady
Nick Nolte
Sam Bowden
Jessica Lange
Leigh Bowden
Joe Don Baker
Claude Kersek
Robert Mitchum
Lieutenant Elgart
Juliette Lewis
Danielle Bowden
Gregory Peck
Lee Heller
Martin Balsam
Fred Dalton Thompson
Tom Broadbent
Illeana Douglas
Lori Davis
Rod Ball
Parris Buckner
Racquetball Colleague
Ken Collins
Big Man #3
Antoni Corone
Corrections Officer
Jackie Davis
Jimmy the Dockmaster
Will Knickerbocker
Billy D. Lucas
Big Man #2 (as Billy Lucas)
Zully Montero
Linda Perri
Ticket Agent
Catherine Scorsese
Fruit Stand Customer
Charles Scorsese
Fruitstand Customer

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