Should Married Men Go Home?


When Stan turns up unannounced and uninvited he causes so much havoc that Mrs. Hardy orders them both out of the house; so they head off to the golf course. Once there they meet up with a couple of young ladies and enjoy a foursome (er...on the golfcourse that is!) But one small misjudgment from Stan leads to an all-out mudbath with all the other players there.
A 2-reel silent short from Laurel & Hardy which was right up Ollie's street, because it involved him playing his favourite real-life past-time - golf (although to be fair you don't get to see him actually hitting any balls!)
The final few minutes looks like it was a lot of fun to do!

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Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
John Aasen
Very Tall Golfer
Dorothy Coburn
Muddy Combatant
Kay Deslys
Mrs. Hardy
Charlie Hall
Soda Jerk
Jack Hill
Muddy Combatant
Edgar Kennedy
Sam Lufkin
Shop Manager
Edna Marion
Blonde Girlfriend
Viola Richard
Brunette Girlfriend
Lyle Tayo
Lady Golfer

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