Be Big!


Laurel & Hardy 3-reeler. Just as Stan and Ollie are about to take their wives on a trip to Atlantic City, Ollie receives a call inviting him to appear at a convention behing held in his honour by some of the boys. So he convinces Stan to stay behind to 'look after him' whilst the girls go ahead without them, so that the boys can attend the do. Then Ollie spends half the film trying to remove a boot he has put on in error. One of my least favourites of all their shorts.
Some references log this film as 1930, but the copyright credit states 1931.

7th February 1931

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Anita Garvin
Mrs. Laurel
Isabelle Keith
Mrs. Hardy
Charlie Hall
Baldwin Cooke
Chet Brandenburg
Cab Driver

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