Any Old Port!


Laurel & Hardy short 2-reeler from 1932. Stan & Ollie sign into a hotel and find the lady working there is being forced to marry the owner against her will. When the boys try to intervene they find they are biting off far more than can chew. Later, and unable to pay their rent, Stan enters a boxing contest (against his will) and discovers to his horror that his opponent is none other than the hotel boss, Walter Long. Oh dear!
One of only a small handful of their shorts which was not colorised with the DVD release.

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5th March 1932

5th March 1932

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Walter Long
Mugsie Long
Julie Bishop
Bride [as Jacqueline Wells]
Eddie Baker
Police Chief
Harry Bernard
Boxing Promoter
Bobby Burns
Justice of the Peace
Baldwin Cooke
Dick Gilbert
Mugsie's Second
Charlie Hall
Stan's Second
Sam Lufkin
Boxing Referee
Will Stanton
Frank Terry
Lunch Wagon Owner

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