In a world ruled by vampires and with living human blood supplies running low, one vampire and a small group of humans seek to survive.

Stylish sci-fi vampire tale almost as if Richard Matheson's novel, I am Legend begat a sequel. Entertaining enough with plenty of action and a smidgen of satire thrown in. Purists (me!) will not be totally taken with the twists in vampire lore, however.

6th January 2010

8th January 2010

31st May 2010

98 mins

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Harriet Minto-Day
Lisa Barrett
Jay Laga'aia
Senator Turner
Damien Garvey
Senator Westlake
Sahaj Dumpleton
Homeless Vampire
Allan Todd
Gabriella Di Labio
Ben Siemer
Police Officer
Peter Welman
Police Officer
Ethan Hawke
Edward Dalton
Callum McLean
Vampire School Kid
Jarrad Pon
Vampire School Kid
Victoria Williams
Vampire School Kid
Zoe White
Vampire School Kid
Aolani Roy
Vampire School Kid
Tiffany Lamb
News Reader
Renai Caruso
Coffee Shop Attendant
Sam Neill
Charles Bromley
Carl Rush
Al Walker
Paul Sonkkila
General Williams
Vince Colosimo
Christopher Caruso
Todd Levi
Commissioner Turnbull
Wayne Smith
Inmate 4075B
Berni Chin
Lab Technician
Kevin Zwierzchaczewski
Lab Technician
Joel Spreadborough
Vampire Subject
Lisa Cunningham
Amanda Buchanan
Jane Wallace
Bromley's Assistant
Claudia Karvan
Audrey Bennett
Mungo McKay
Colin Briggs
Emma Randall
Ellie Landon
Charlotte Wilson
Joy Watkins
Ronah Smith
Police Officer in Car
Michael Dorman
Frankie Dalton
Bryan Probets
Subsider in Kitchen
John Gibson
Detective Cosgrove
Robyn Moore
Forensic Investigator Simms
Troy MacKinder
Officer Hobbs
Willem Dafoe
Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac
Christopher Kirby
Jarvis Bayom
Glen Martin
Coffee Buyer
Isabel Lucas
Alison Bromley
Michelle Atkinson
David Vallon
Candice Storey
Simon Burvill-Holmes
Anne Bennetts
Kellie Vella
Subsider in Garage
Scot McQade
Security Desk Officer
Jack Bradford
Security Guard #1
Konrad Whitten
Weathered Human
Mark Finden
Young Vampire Cadet