The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Jon Turteltaub
Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Production Company
Walt Disney Pictures
Production Company

Sorcerer in present-day Manhattan (Cage) has to search for and train a new apprentice (Barcuchel), while at the same time trying to prevent his nemesis (Molina) from raising the souls of dead sorcerers and destroying the world.

An enjoyable film with a good cast, though certainly nothing special, being as well-crafted as anything off the Disney production line, though a bit lacking in soul. Nice to see Cage enjoying himself (and well-cast) for once, and Molina is always a pleasing villain. And of course, the namesake sequence from Fantasia (1940) is nicely evoked in one scene.

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14th July 2010

30th November 2010

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Nicolas Cage
Balthazar Blake
Jay Baruchel
Dave Stutler
Alfred Molina
Maxim Horvath
Teresa Palmer
Toby Kebbell
Drake Stone
Omar Benson Miller
Monica Bellucci
Alice Krige
Jake Cherry
Young Dave
James A. Stephens
Gregory Woo
Wai Ching Ho
Chinese Woman
Jason R. Moore
Subway Mugger
Robert Capron
Young Dave's Pal (as Robert B. Capron)
Peyton List
Young Becky
Sándor Técsy
Russian Man
Marika Daciuk
Russian Woman
Nicole Ehinger
Abigail Williams
Adriane Lenox
Ms. Algar
Ethan Peck
Manish Dayal
NYU Clerk (as Manish Patel)
Oscar A. Colon
Fry Cook
Joe Lisi
Police Captain
William Devlin
Police Officer
Victor Cruz
Auto Impound Clerk
Melissa Gallagher
Woman on the Street
Parisa Fitz-Henley
Bennet's Girlfriend
Brandon Gill
Student in Bathroom
Henry Yuk
Chinese Dragon Carrier
Jordan Johnston
Mean Kid
Izuchukwu Mozie
African Boy
Amit Soni
Indian Boy
Maha Chehlaoui
Hot Girl
Adria Baratta
Student #1
Rosie Moss
Student #2
Ian Alda
Physics Student
Ian McShane
Lorna Pruce
Sean Patrick Reilly

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