The Conspirator


Robert Redford
The American Film Company
Production Company
Roadside Attractions
Production Company

In the aftermath of President Lincoln's assassination, a young Union Lieutenant is assigned to defend Mary Surratt who is accused of conspiracy to the deed.

Fascinating court room drama that touches on a multitude of issues (and not just ones of its time). I wish this series of films well.

15th April 2011

16th August 2011

122 mins

James McAvoy
Frederick Aiken
Robin Wright
Mary Surratt
Kevin Kline
Edwin Stanton
Evan Rachel Wood
Anna Surratt
Tom Wilkinson
Reverdy Johnson
Justin Long
Nicholas Baker
Danny Huston
Joseph Holt
James Badge Dale
William Hamilton
Colm Meaney
David Hunter
Alexis Bledel
Sarah Weston
Johnny Simmons
John Surratt
Toby Kebbell
John Wilkes Booth
Jonathan Groff
Louis Weichmann
Stephen Root
John Lloyd
John Cullum
Judge Wylie
Norman Reedus
Lewis Payne
John Michael Weatherly
George Atzerodt
Marcus Hester
David Herold
Chris Bauer
Major Smith
Jim True-Frost
Shea Whigham
Capt. Cottingham
David Andrews
Father Walter
John Curran
General Howe
James Kirk Sparks
Edman Spangler
Robert C. Treveiler
General Harris
Brian Durkin
Cullen Moss
Stanton's Officer
Jason Hatfield
Asa Trenchard
Kathleen Hogan
Mrs Mountchessington
Gerold Bestrom
Abraham Lincoln
Marshell Canney
Mary Todd Lincoln
Andy Martin
Major Rathbone
Dean Mumford
Plainclothes Major
Dennis Clark
Andrew Johnson
Tom Nelson
Senior Officer
Brandon Carroll
Stretcher Bearer
Lori Beth Edgeman
Female Guest#1
Amy Tipton
Female Guest#2
Beau Turpin
Boardinghouse Guard
Jordan Gray
Young Soldier
Glenn R. Wilder
Secretary Seward
Brian Duffy
Frederick Seward
Richard Deloach
Seward's Servant
Lindsey Lambrakos
Fanny Seward
Cal Johnson
Army Sergeant
Chris Eckles
Stanton's Aide
Walter Bankson
Paper Boy
Kevin Nichols
Peter Bannon
Travis Sprayberry
Peterson House Border
John Bankson
Alexander Gardner
Lance Miles
Cell Guard#1
Adam Porter
Cell Guard#2
Jeremy Tuttle
Samuel Arnold