Journey 2: The Mysterious Island


Brad Peyton
New Line Cinema
Production Company
Walden Media
Production Company
Warner Brothers
Production Company

Teenager and his step-dad track clues to find the boy's grandfather who will be discovered on Jules Verne's Mysterious Island.

Fairly good effects and colourful scenary make up slightly for pedestrian plotting and a teen hero that one would like to see being eaten by something. Pity because one feels that the potential is there for something much better.

10th February 2012

Josh Hutcherson
Sean Anderson

Dwayne Johnson
Hank Parsons

Vanessa Hudgens

Michael Caine
Grandfather (Alexander Anderson)

Kristin Davis
Liz Anderson

Luis Guzmán

Anna Colwell
Jessica (cop deleted scene?)

Stephen Caudill
Cop (Jim)

Branscombe Richmond
Tour Guide

Walter Bankson
Hockey Player

Fileena Bahris

Shelley Bassett

Michael Beasley
Marcus (deleted scene)

Paul Klink
Nautilus Passenger

Susan Hope Lee
Nosey Neighbor

James Troutman
Nosey Neighbor