Starship Troopers


Super brain bug commandeers a starship and heads to Earth...

Animated sequel throws the heroes of the original movie back in to bug territory. I have to say the animation is astonishing, although the vidcaps look, well, animated, when they are moving around one forgets one is watching digital thespians. Plotting and filming is strictly routine, which is odd considering the medium would allow you to do anything, and the finale borrowed from the much more exciting Deep Rising.

21st July 2012

28th August 2013

89 mins

13th April 2014

Luci Christian
Carmen Ibanez
David Matranga
Johnny Rico
Justin Doran
Carl Jenkins
David Wald
Hero (voice)
Andrew Love
Bugspray (voice)
Leraldo Anzaldua
Ratzass (voice)
Sam Roman
Daugherty (voice)
Emily Neves
Trig (voice)
Melissa Davis
Ice Blonde (voice)
Kalob Martinez
Holyman (voice)
Chris Patton
Kharon (voice)
Adam Gibbs
Shock Jock (voice)
Jovan Jackson
Mech (voice)
Corey Hartzog
Chase (voice)
Josh Grelle
Chow (voice)
Karl Glusman
Gunfodder (voice)
Shelley Calene-Black
Captain Jonah (voice)
Noel Burkeen
Crysoch (voice)
Andy McAvin
High Command (voice)
Michael Keeney
Communication Officer 1 (voice)
Kris Carr
Communication Officer 2 (voice)