Olympus Has Fallen


Antoine Fuqua


Millenium Films
Production Company

Asian terrorists capture the White House, Ex Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is the fly in the ointment.

Hey look, more crappy action flicks with too much CGI and not enough of anything else, like quality acting or direction! Way to go Hollywood. And way to go Morgan Freeman--you're becoming a big a money whore as Samuel L. Didn't you use to be a good actor?

-Dave W.

Basically Die Hard in the White House, not a bad action flick if you don't think about it too much. Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell and especially Ashley Judd all wasted in totally thankless roles.

~The Sloth

22nd March 2013

120 mins

Gerard Butler
Mike Banning

Aaron Eckhart
President Benjamin Asher

Finley Jacobsen

Dylan McDermott

Rick Yune

Morgan Freeman
Speaker Trumbull

Angela Bassett
Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs

Melissa Leo
Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan

Radha Mitchell

Cole Hauser

Phil Austin
Vice President Charlie Rodriguez

James Ingersoll
Admiral Nathan Hoenig

Freddy Bosche

Lance Broadway

Sean O'Bryan
Ray Monroe

Keong Sim
Lee Tae-Woo

Kevin Moon

Malana Lea

Robert Forster
General Edward Clegg

Sam Medina

Ashley Judd
Margaret Asher

Mike Snyder
News Reporter #1

Josiah D. Lee
Korean Pilot

Edrick Browne
Head Technician

Sean Boyd
Raptor Pilot

Hunter Burke
Army Tech Officer

Aonika Laurent
News Reporter #2 (as Aonika Marie Laurent)

Jace Jeanes
Sniper #1

Sione Ma'umalanga
Sniper #2

Tory Kittles
Agent Jones

Shane Land
Agent Davis

Shanna Forrestall
Mary Jane Fuller

Ian Casselberry
Long-Haired EMT

Dorothy Deavers
Mrs. Mosely

Amber Dawn Landrum

Han Soto
Male Doctor

Kenneth Wayne Bradley
Crisis Room Radio Man

Bill Stinchcomb
Watch Officer

Michelle Celeste
News Reporter #3

Met Salih
News Reporter #4

Darrell L. Connerton
CIA Director

Michael Stallings
Army Lieutenant

Elliott Grey
FBI Assistant Director

Hamish MacDonald

Lawrence O'Donnell

Rick Chambers

Catherine Shreves
Female Reporter

Rex Baker
Navy Seal (as Everett 'Rex' Baker)

Bob Fanucchi
Paramilitary Operations Officer

André Gordon

Kari Kramer
Pentagon Aide

Tiffany Maroney
Nurse M. Taylor

Michael McCormick
Secret Service

Brent Weisner
Blackhawk Pilot #1
Austin Abel
Secret Service
Nic Brown
Secret Service Agent
Terry Canova
Secret Service Agent
Lewis Crawford
Secret service agent
Cody Daniel
Secret Service
Clay Dove
Secret Service Agent
Clay Dove
Secret Service Agent
Laine Dubroc
Secret service agent
Dana Florentine
Secret Service Agent
Barry Hanley
Secret Service Agent
Steve Jimenez
Secret service agent, taxi driver
Eric Juell
Secret Service Agent
Mark Lawyer
Secret Service Agent
Jennie Lieber
Secret Service
Cesar Marquez
Secret Service Agent
Tony McCullough
Secret service agent
Claude Miles
Secret Service Agent
Michael AvMen
Secret Service Agent President's Detail
Matthew Ballard
Business Man
Amanda Bosley
Pauline Boudreaux
White House nurse
Danny Le Boyer
Korean Commando
Johnnie Brannon
Street Pedestrian
Michael Byrnes
Secret Service for Speaker Trumbull
Robin Lee Canode
Nurse R.Samford
Arden Cho
Korean Sniper
John C. Coffman
Marine Corps General
Raul Colon
Army man
Jeramie Dominguez
Korean Co-Pilot
Sarah Eilts
White House Secretary
Gary Eoff
Marine Sergeant Johnson
Ricky French
DC Fat Cat
Michael P Gardner
Chopper pilot
William G. Gil
A. Michelle Harleston
Jacobs Military Aide
Donna Hubbs
James DeWitt III
Command Center Soldier
Peter Jae
Korean Commando
Deborah R. Jones
Pentagon Aide
Zero Kazama
Korean commando
David Joseph Martinez
Senate Intelligence Officer
Eddie Matthews
white House doctor
Nat Milo
Pentagon Korean Analyst / Korean Sniper (featured)
Arianna Miskowski
White House Tourist
Rhonda Miskowski
White House Tourist
Robert Miskowski
CIA Agent
Woon Young Park
Korean Commando
Cody Pottkotter
Philippe Radelet
D.C. pedestrian
Codie Rimmer
Press Room Reporter / Wounded Tourist
Joshua Robertson
EOC Tech Tomlynsen
Becka Rose
News Reporter
Lee Sheridan
News Reporter
Lj Smith
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Lewis Tan
Korean Commando
Don Thai Theerathada
Interrogated Commando
Mary Alfred Thoma
Nathan Tremaine
Agent D'Angelo
David Lee Valle
EOC Tech Jacobson
Amy Vaughan
Asian Tourist
Shanna Vincent
Crying New Yorker
Greg Washington
Aide to the FBI Director
Stephen Waters
Injured Commando in Hospital / Hostage / Tourist / White House Commando
Andy Wayne
FBI Aide
Morgan Jaye Williams
Secret Service for Speaker Trumbull
Jason Yee
Korean Motorcade Bodyguard
Scott Yi
Korean Commando
Diezel Ramos
Secret service agent
Nathan Scott
Secret Service Agent
Giovanni Silva
Secret Service
Mark Stefanich
Secret Service Agent
Wes Sutton
F-22 Pilot