Sweet Beat


Ronnie Albert
Archway Film Distributors
Flamingo Film Productions
Production Company

Up and coming singer wins her shot at stardom in New York, but instead nearly gets raped by a lech.

Cheap little B-movie, billed as "Britain's first rock & roll movie," though there isn't very much rock music at all. The highlight is probably Billy Myles singing "The Joker," a knock-off of "The Great Pretender." Amber and Page are both fine singers, but have no discernible acting talent. Browning is about the only one in the cast who shows any real acting chops. An interesting curio capturing a brief moment of time, and that's really the only entertainment value to be had (unless you want to do MST3K style heckling, of course).

This film was apparently released in the US in 1962 as The Amorous Sex, with several musical numbers cut and scenes of strippers added in. The version reviewed here appears to be that version with the naughty bits removed, as Lee Allen is only briefly heard, and Cindy Mann not seen at all, but no strippers.

-Dave W.

Sweet Beat
1st November 1959

64 mins

Sheldon Lawrence
Bill Lacey
Julie Amber
Bonnie Martyn
Irv Bauer
Dave Lafferts
Al Burnett
David Browning
Gerry Turner
Keith Fordyce
Himself - Disc Jockey
Charles Belchier
Johnson, Fordyce's Producer
Iréna Mayeska
Cherie Danton
Roma Reilly
Joan Hooley
Jose Boulton
Sue Mansbridge
Martin Gordon
Louis Raynes
Marcel de Villiers
New York Club Waiter
Marion Shaw
Martin Lyder
Dancer at New York Club
John Fostini
New York Club MC
Leoni Page
Tina Miller
Billy Myles
The Mello-Kings
Cindy Mann
The Five Satins
(as Fred Parris and the Satins)
Lee Allen and his Band
Unknown 30546-01
Beauty Contestant
Unknown 30546-02
Beauty Contestant MC
Unknown 30546-03
Tina's Pianist
Unknown 30546-04
Tom, Recording Engineer
Unknown 30546-05
Recording Engineer
Unknown 30546-06
Beauty Contestant (Josie Webster)
Unknown 30546-07
New York Hotel Desk Clerk
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

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