Topsy and Eva


Del Lord

Eva is the daughter of plantation owners, Topsy, an orphan black slave girl, the two meet and become fast friends.

Uncle Tom's Cabin spin off is surprisingly sympathetic to the slaves, depicting the owners as callous and avaricious. Alas, all the goodwill is dissipated by Rosetta Duncan's appalling black face minstrel caricature.

Apparently the Duncan sisters toured with the movie which must have made up for this musical sans music silent film.

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24th July 1927

Rosetta Duncan
Vivian Duncan
Eva St. Claire
Gibson Gowland
Simon Leegree
Noble Johnson
Uncle Tom
Marjorie Daw
Marietta De Brie
Myrtle Ferguson
Aunt Ophelia
Nils Asther
George Shelby
Henry Victor
Augustine St. Claire
Lionel Belmore
Dot Farley
Carla Laemmle
Mary Nolan
Bit Role