Home, Sweet Home


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Henry B. Walthall
John Howard Payne
Josephine Crowell
Payne's Mother
Lillian Gish
Payne's Sweetheart
Dorothy Gish
Sister of Payne's Sweetheart
Fay Tincher
The Worldly Woman
Mae Marsh
Apple Pie Mary Smith
Spottiswoode Aitken
James Smith - Mary's Father
Robert Harron
The Eastener, Robert Winthrop
Miriam Cooper
The Fiancee
Mary Alden
The Mother
Donald Crisp
The Mother's Son
James Kirkwood
The Mother's Son
Jack Pickford
The Mother's Half-Wit Son
Fred Burns
The Sheriff
Courtenay Foote
The Husband
Blanche Sweet
The Wife
Owen Moore
The Tempter
Edward Dillon
The Musician
Betty Marsh
The Baby
George Beranger
The Accordian Player (as George Berringer)
Teddy Sampson
The Maid
Ralph Lewis
Irene Hunt
John T. Dillon
Earle Foxe
Walter Long
(as W.H. Long)
George Siegmann
Karl Brown
The Fiddle Player
W.E. Lawrence
F.A. Turner
Howard Gaye