Traitor Spy

The Torso Murder Mystery


Walter Summers

Interesting early WW2 spy film with Cabot a German agent who has stolen British torpedo boat plans, but is more intersted in his own welfare than that of the Vaterland. Ranges from crude to well-done, often within the same scene. Worth it for Lexy's irritable Detective Inspector, as well as an odd and piquant ending. This one definitely wins the award for most shots of people talking on the phone, too.

Never available on video, so screencaps are not to usual quality.

-Dave W.

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1st December 1939

70 mins

23rd October 1940

70 mins

Bruce Cabot
Carl Beyersdorf aka "Jim Healey"
Marta Labarr
Freyda Healey
Tamara Desni
Marie Dufreyne
Edward Lexy
Detective Inspector William Barnard
Cyril Smith
Detective SergeantTrotter
Romilly Lunge
Beverley Blake
Percy Walsh
Otto Lemnel
Eve Lynd
Florrie McGowan
Alexander Field
Yorkie Meane
Hilary Pritchard
Toni Vencini
Miriam Minetti
Palominta Vencini
Davina Craig
Mabel, the Maid
Vincent Holman
Inspector Hawker
Anthony Shaw
Captain Anderson
Peter Gawthorne
Sir John, Assistant Commissioner
Bernard Jukes
Hubert Kessler
Nino Rossini
(called 'Paddy' in film)
Nightclub Dancer
Ken Johnson's West Indian Band
Nightclub Band
Eric Lugg
Bideford Engineering Supervisor
Unknown 31143-02
Works Employee
Unknown 31143-03
Works Employee
Unknown 31143-04
Herman Voss
Unknown 31143-05
Police Constable
Unknown 31143-12
Noel Dainton
Inspector Dean
Unknown 31143-06
Marie's Maid
Frederick Valk
German Ambassador
Tony Arpino
Nightclub Patron
Unknown 31143-08
Police Constable
Unknown 31143-09
"Inks" - Police Ink Expert
Unknown 31143-10
Desk Clerk
Unknown 31143-11
Danny Green
Unknown 31143-13
Smokey's Waiter

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