Life with the Lyons


Val Guest
Hammer Films

Film adaptation of the popular BBC radio programme starring the expatriate Lyon clan, this time centering around their new house in Marble Arch.

Their antics were probably tired sitcom tropes even in 1954, and it hasn't dated particualrly well. Indeed, the only amusing parts are early roles for Belinda Lee and Arthur Hill, the latter as, of all things, a singing cowboy. So if you ever had a hankering to see Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law, singing "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie," you're in luck. Otherwise, you're not missing much. The rest is just standard TV comedy stuff, and indeed the success of this little film led to a long running TV series of the same name.

Followed the next year by The Lyons in Paris, which was not an improvement.

-Dave W.

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Life with the Lyons
25th May 1954

81 mins

Family Affair
10th September 1956

61 mins

Richard Lyon
Richard Lyon
Barbara Lyon
Barbara Lyon
Ben Lyon
Ben Lyon
Bebe Daniels
Bebe Lyon
(as Bebe Daniels Lyon)
Horace Percival
Molly Weir
Aggie MacDonald
Hugh Morton
Mr. Hemingway
Arthur Hill
Slim Cassidy
Doris Rogers
Florrie Wainwright
Gwen Lewis
Wilhelmina Wimple
Belinda Lee
Violet Hemingway
Chief Firecloud
Martin Lyder
Party Guest
Unknown 31221-01
Party Guest
(Roddy McMillan?)
Unknown 31221-02
Arthur Mullard
Mason (uncredited)
Jim Brady
Deliveryman with Plow

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