Terror Aboard


Paul Sloane

Freighter in the southern Pacific comes across a derelict yacht. Aboard are nothing but corpses, including a woman frozen to death in 104 degree heat. Almost immediately one of their boarding party is killed. Who or what is responsible?

Excellent little bit of pre-Code nastiness, oddly neglected today and awaiting rediscovery. The atmosphere is quite gruesome, though sadly leavened by Ruggles' unnecessary comedy relief (an unfortunate trait of almost every horror film of the 30s), while the flashback mechanism is utlized better than in most cases. Halliday's manipulative psychopath Kreig is one of the best villains of the Golden Age of Horror, and this film stands tall next to it's better known Paramount stablemate Murders in the Zoo. Indeed, I think this is almost as good as The Most Dangerous Game. Hopefully a better copy will someday surface on DVD. . .

-Dave W.

14th April 1933

69 mins

Charles Ruggles
Blackie Witherspoon
(as Charlie Ruggles)
John Halliday
Maximilian Kreig
Neil Hamilton
James Cowles
Shirley Grey
Lili Kingston
Jack La Rue
Gregory Cordoff
Verree Teasdale
Millicent Hazlitt
Stanley Fields
Captain Swanson
Leila Bennett
Lena Klein
Morgan Wallace
Morton Hazlitt
Thomas E. Jackson
Captain Derick Alison
(as Thomas Jackson)
William Janney
Edward Wilson, Radio Operator
Paul Hurst
Frank Hagney
The Mate
Clarence Wilson
Ship's Doctor
Paul Porcasi
Luigi Bonelli, Chef
Bobby Dunn
Cross-eyed Sailor
Kit Guard
Peter Hancock
Thomas Parton, First Mate
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
James Dime
Martin Faust
Clem Beauchamp

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