The Door with Seven Locks

Chamber of Horrors


Norman Lee

Fun Edgar Wallace mystery about an inheritance of jewels hidden in a tomb that can only be unlocked with seven keys, and the various ne'er do wells out to prevent the rightful heir from getitng them.

One of the first British horror-themed movies made after the lifting of the silly 1930s ban on such degenerate things; remade as a German krimi in 1962 as Die Tür mit den sieben Schlössern.

Note: Silva is called 'Luis" by several cast members, but the note on the death certificate says 'John Silva.'

-Dave W.

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The Door with Seven Locks
12th October 1940

89 mins

Chamber of Horrors
20th December 1940

89 mins

Chamber Of Horrors
15th May 2001

86 mins

Leslie Banks
Dr. Manetta
Lilli Palmer
June Lansdowne
Romilly Lunge
Dick Martin
Gina Malo
Glenda Baker
Richard Bird
Detective Inspector Cornelius 'Andy' Sneed
David Horne
Edward Havelock
J.H. Roberts
Luis Silva
Cathleen Nesbitt
Ann Cody
Harry Hutchinson
Bevan Cody
Philip Ray
Tom Cawler
(as Phil Ray)
R. Montgomery
Craig, the Butler
Aubrey Mallalieu
Lord Charles Francis Selford
Ross Landon
John Selford
Unknown 3167-01
Young John Selford
Unknown 3167-02
Delivery Boy
Unknown 3167-03
Boy with Letter
George Street
Chief Commissioner
Raymond Mander
P.C. in Sneed's Office
Unknown 3167-05
Police Driver
(Eddie Boyce?)
Unknown 3167-06
Krauss, Havelock's Clerk
Unknown 3167-07
Grayson, Havelock's Clerk
Charles Paton
Handwriting Expert

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