The Third Visitor


Maurice Elvey
Merton Park Studios
Production Company

Run of the mill murder mystery based on a stage play, that never manages to transcend its inherent staginess. Decent twist to the plot, but the obnoxiousness of the characters (especially Summerfield) makes getting there a bit of a slog. Waste of good performances by Middleton and Slater and the usual creepy one by Martin-Harvey.

-Dave W.

2nd February 1951

85 mins

Sonia Dresdel
Steffy Millington
Guy Middleton
Detective Inspector Mallory
Hubert Gregg
Jack Kurton
Colin Gordon
Bill Millington
Karel Stepanek
Richard Carling
Eleanor Summerfield
Vera Kurton
John Slater
James Oliver
Michael Martin Harvey
(as Michael Martin-Harvey)
Cyril Smith
Detective Sergeant Horton
Unknown 32193
Atlantic Air Agent
Irene Arnold
Hotel Reception Clerk
David Keir
Horobin, Solicitor
Arthur Denton
Dr. Venner
Tony Spear
Police Constable
Lane Meddick
Delivery Boy
John Adams
Unknown 32193
Police Constable
St. Paul's Cathedral
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
(stock footage)

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