The Case of Charles Peace


Norman Lee

Michael Martin Harvey
Charles Peace
Chili Bouchier
Katherine Dyson
Valentine Dyall
Bruce Belfrage
Counsel for Prosecution
Ronald Adam
Counsel for Defence
Roberta Huby
Sue Thompson
Peter Forbes-Robertson
William Habron
Kathleen Rooney
Richard Shayne
Arthur Dyson
Jean Shepeard
Hannah Peace
Bob Cameron
John Habron (as Robert Cameron)
John Kelly
Father O'Brien
Peter Gawthorne
Mr. Justice Lopes
Hamilton Deane
Mr. Justice Hawkins
Robert McLachlan
Mr. Justice Lindley (as Robert Mclachlan)
Gordon Court
Inspector Phillips
Bartlett Mullins
Mr. Brion
Rose Howlett
Mrs. Brion
Liam Gaffney
Leresche (Habron's Counsel) (as Liam Gafney)
Howard Douglas
Littlewood (Solicitor)
Edward Evans
Police Sergeant
Billy Howard
Maurice Jones
Dr. Harrison
Arthur Mullard
Courtroom Guard
John Powe
Workman in Cafe
Charles Rolfe
Mr. Brassington