Man Accused


Montgomery Tully
Danziger Productions
Production Company
United Artists

Newly engaged girl finds her fiancé is supposedly a wanted jewel thief. Arrested, he breaks out of jail to track down the real criminals.

Decent Danziger quickie, but Marsh's character is such a petulant little brat it's very hard to care about either her, and by extension, the plot. Picks up steam as it goes along, but some silly plot points get in the way of it being a true success.

-Dave W.

Man Accused

58 mins

Ronald Howard
Bob Jenson
Carol Marsh
Kathy Riddle
Ian Fleming
Sir Thomas Riddle
Catharina Ferraz
Robert Dorning
John Beckett
Stuart Saunders
Henry Curran
Brian Nissen
Derek Arnold
Colin Tapley
Inspector Long
Howard Lang
Detective Sergeant
Kenneth Edwards
Hawkins, the Butler
Gordon Needham
Police Constable
Diana Chesney
Mrs. Price
Graham Ashley
Jail Warder
Unknown Female 39
Party Guest
John Howard
Party Guest
Guy Standeven
Party Guest
Aileen Lewis
Party Guest
Ken Hutchins
Party Guest
George Holdcroft
Party Guest
Unknown Male 38
Police Constable
Arthur Howell
P.C. in Car

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