A Pair of Briefs


Ralph Thomas
J. Arthur Rank Organisation

Weak comedy about opposing barristers who fall in love during a case.

Has its moments, mainly thanks to Heslop's dotty registrar and Judstice's imperious judge, but the two leads aren't too enthralling, and the clever bits of the story are mired in an unenergetic script.

-Dave W,

A Pair of Briefs
1st March 1962

90 mins

Michael Craig
Tony Stevens
Mary Peach
Frances Pilbright
Brenda de Banzie
Gladys Worthing
James Robertson Justice
Mr. Justice Harry Haddon
Roland Culver
Sir John Pilbright
Liz Fraser
Pearl Hoskins
Ron Moody
Sidney Pudney
Jameson Clark
George Lockwood
Charles Heslop
Bill Kerr
Victor - Delta Club Owner
Nicholas Phipps
Joan Sims
Gale Tornado
John Standing
Hubert Shannon
Amanda Barrie
Exotic Dancer - Snake
Judy Carne
Exotic Dancer - Maid
Barbara Ferris
Gloria Lockwood
Myrtle Reed
Terry Scott
Law Courts Concierge
Graham Stark
Police Witness
Ronnie Stevens
Hotel Under-Manager
Cyril Chamberlain
Jeff Silk
John Adams
Hotel Valet
Joe Ritchie
Taxi Driver
Guy Standeven
Jack Mandeville
Courtroom Spectator
Fred Davis
Courtroom Spectator
Unknown Male 84
Courtroom Spectator
Michael Ward
Judge's Clerk
Keith Pyott
Clerk of the Court
Pat Ryan
Courtroom Spectator
Anthony Lang
Courtroom Spectator
Ian Selby
Courtroom Spectator
Robert Gregory
Court Official
Philip Stewart
Barrister in Court
Tony Mendleson
Courtroom Spectator
Guy Mills
Courtroom Spectator
Reg Thomason
Man Knocked Down by Peebles
John Tatum
Police Sergeant Knocked Down by Peebles
Anthony Sagar
Hotel Meat Porter
Vivienne Martin
Hotel Maid

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