Stop-Over Forever


Frederic Goode

Stewardess arrives on holiday in Italy, only to find someone else has already booked in using her name, and then been murdered. She then descends into Repulsion-like paranoia as her past comes to haunt her.

Passable enough but awkward suspense programmer was probably made so some folks could get a free vacation in Taormina, but nice to see supporting players like Boa and Sherrier get to play bigger roles. Similar to Goode's Hand of Night, in that it has an interesting but poorly developed story, that in the hands of a more skillful director, really could have been something. As it is it prefigures both the aforementioned Repulsion as well as Dead Calm without managing to be more than competent.

-Dave W.

Stop-Over Forever
1st May 1964

59 mins

Ann Bell
Susan Chambers
Anthony Bate
Terence Graham
Conrad Phillips
Eric Cunningham
Bruce Boa
Julian Sherrier
Captain Carlos Mordente
Brita von Krogh
Jane Watson
Unknown 33298
Desk Clerk
Unknown 33298
Aldo, Police Technician
Unknown 33298
Morgue Attendant

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