Doom: Annihilation


Tony Giglio

Scientists experiment with ancient teleportation system between the Earth and Mars' moon, Phobos. Meanwhile space marines are sent to help out with security. What could go wrong?

While not exactly Isaac Asimov, the plot set up vaguely holds water, the production design belies the low budget and the marines have enough personality sketched in to be interesting. So far so good.

The failure is in the action department, Doom should be packed with beasties but for 7/8 of the movie all we get are a few lacklustre zombies. Disappointing.

1st October 2019

96 mins

Amy Manson
Lieutenant Joan Dark
Dominic Mafham
Dr. Malcolm Betruger
Luke Allen-Gale
Dr. Bennett Stone
James Weber Brown
Captain Hector Savage
Clayton Adams
Private Steven Winslow
Nina Bergman
Private Carley Corbin
Amer Chadha-Patel
Private Rance Redguo
Gavin Brocker
Sergeant Harry Friesen
Chidi Ajufo
Sergeant Logan Akua
Hari Dhillon
Dr. Ahmed Kahn
Katrina Nare
Dr. Veronica Cyr
Arkie Reece
Captain Fadel Tarek
Jemma Moore
Private Li Chen
Louis Mandylor
Chaplain Glover
Gina Philips
Daisy (voice)
Cassidy Little
Kate Nichols
Olivia Dark
Agleya Gumnerova
Joan (Age 11)
Lorina Kamburova
Dr. Sandy Peterson
Nathan Cooper
Dr. Ezekiel Barnes

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