Neil Jordan
Focus Features
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Production Company

Young New Yorker finds a purse left on the subway and tracks down its owner, a lonely French lady...complications ensue

No good deed goes unpunished might be the subtitle of this thriller. Not bad but you've seen similar although the sisters doin' it to themselves motif is original.

This is a Neil Jordan film though and I expect more from the visionary director of Company of Wolves, Interview with the Vampire and the underrated In Dreams.

1st March 2019

98 mins

Isabelle Huppert
Greta Hideg
Chloƫ Grace Moretz
Frances McCullen
Maika Monroe
Erica Penn
Jane Perry
Animal Shelter Worker
Jeff Hiller
Maitre D' Henri
Parker Sawyers
Park Hill Manager
Brandon Lee Sears
Flower Delivery Man
Arthur Lee
Korean Couple
Rosa Escoda
Korean Couple
Jessica Preddy
Park Hill Bartender
Thaddeus Daniels
Officer Deroy
Raven Dauda
Officer Regan
Colm Feore
Chris McCullen
Zawe Ashton
Alexa Hammond
Nagisa Morimoto
Park Hill Waitress
Navi Dhanoa
Cab Driver
Elisa Berkeley
Chris' Secretary
Stephen Rea
Brian Cody
Dominique Franceschi
Restaurant Patron