Murder Can Hurt You!


Roger Duchowny

The Mysterious Man in White is killing off the members of the Best Cops in the World Club. Can the survivors stop him in time?

Amusing TV movie is obviously limited by its late 70s TV vibe, but the character parodies are dead-on, and for people who grew up with these shows, it will be worth a look. Others will probably have no clue what's going on. McLeod's Kojak imitation is perfect; he was probably happy to take a break from playing Captain Stubing for a while.

Like most ephemeral television products of ths time, only available in a poor copy of an old VCR recording. Apologies for quality of caps.

-Dave W.

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Murder Can Hurt You!
21st May 1980
TV Movie

100 mins

Victor Buono
Chief Ironbottom
Tony Danza
Pony Lambretta
Jamie Farr
John Byner
Len 'Hatch' Hatchington
Gavin MacLeod
Lt. Nojack
Buck Owens
Sheriff Tim MacSkye
Connie Stevens
Sgt. Salty Sanderson
Jimmie Walker
Parks the Pusher
Burt Young
Lt. Palumbo
Marty Allen
Det. Starkos
Richard Deacon
Mr. Burnice
Gunilla Hutton
Roz Kelly
Virgina Trickwood
Liz Torres
Serafina Palumbo
Don Adams
Voice: Narrated By
Mason Adams
Willie the Wino
Mitch Kreindel
The Man in White
(as Mitchell Kreindel)
Michael DeLano
Tessa Richarde
E. Wetta Little
Mel Blanc
Vioice of Chickie Baby
Allen Case
Kindly Doctor
W.T. Zacha
Truck Driver
Jack Lindine
Rookie Cop
Colin Hamilton
Harriet Medin
Great Lady
Carle Bensen
Dandified Gentleman
Iris Adrian
Candy Store Proprietor
(actually mugging victim)
Linda Lawrence
Girl #1
Kathy Clarke
Girl #2
Twink Caplan
Hooker #1
Muffi Durham
Hooker #2
Tanya Boyd
Roy E. Harrison
Stunt Coordinator
(as Roy Harrison)
Los Angeles City Hall

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