Lost Soul


The incredible tale of the filming of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Sad in that original director and visionary Richard Stanley was removed and would not helm a full length feature for another 24 years. Sad that a mix of toxic and enabled personalities can cause the demise of a potentially interesting picture.

Pity Kilmer and Thewlis aren't involved though, the latter had a rough time after breaking his leg while horse riding on location.

27th February 2015

Richard Stanley
Self - Director
Kier-La Janisse
Self - Film Writer
Michael Gingold
Self - Fangoria Magazine
Graham Humphreys
Self - Concept Designer
Edward R. Pressman
Self - Producer
Robert Shaye
Self - President, New Line Cinema
Tim Sullivan
Self - Script Reader, New Line Cinema
Tim Zinnemann
Self - Executive Producer
Fairuza Balk
Self - Actress
Bruce Spaulding Fuller
Self - Special Makeup Effects Artist, Stan Winston Studios
Marco Hofschneider
Self - Actor
Rob Morrow
Self - Actor
Graham 'Grace' Walker
Self - Production Designer (as Graham 'Grace' Walker)
Fiona Mahl
Self - Actress
Neil Young
Self - Actor
David Grasso
Self - Special Makeup Effects, Stan Winston Studios (as Dave Grasso)
Peter Elliott
Self - Animal Expert & Actor
David Hudson
Self - Actor
Lewis Dickson
Self - Art Department PA & Production Runner (as Hugh 'Lewis' Dickson)
Oli Dickson
Self - Production Runner & Fourth AD
James Sbardellati
Self - First Assistant Director
Jack Wareham
Self - Assistant Camera
Paul Katte
Self - Special Effects Makeup
Emile Nicolaou
Self - Special Effects Makeup (as Nick Nicolaou)

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