The Color of Money


17th October 1986

Color Of Money
14th March 2000


Paul Newman
Fast Eddie Felson
Tom Cruise
Vincent Lauria
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Helen Shaver
John Turturro
Bill Cobbs
Robert Agins
Earl at Chalkie's
Alvin Anastasia
Randall Arney
Child World Customer #1
Elizabeth Bracco
Diane at Bar
Vito D'Ambrosio
Lou at Child World
Ron Dean
Guy in Crowd
Lisa Dodson
Child World Customer #2
Donald A. Feeney
Referee #1
Paul Geier
Two Brothers / Stranger Player
Carey Goldenberg
Congratulating Spectator
Joe Guastaferro
Chuck the Bartender
Paul Herman
Player in Casino Bar
Mark Jarvis
Guy at Janelle's
Lawrence Linn
Congratulating Spectator
Keith McCready
Grady Seasons
Jimmy Mataya
Julian's Friend in Green Room
Grady Mathews
Carol Messing
Casino Bar Band Singer / Julian's Flirt
Steve Mizerak
Duke, Eddie's First Opponent
Rick Mohr
Congraulating Spectator
Lloyd Moss
Narrator, Resorts International
Michael Nash
Moselle's Opponent
Mario Nieves
Latin Guy #3
Miguel Nino
Latin Guy #1 (as Miguel A. Nino)
Andy Nolfo
Referee #2
Ernest Perry
Eye Doctor
Jerry Piller
Iggy Pop
Skinny Player on Road
Richard Price
Guy Who Calls Dud
Juan Ramírez
Latin Guy #2
Alex Ross
Bartender Who Bets
Peter Saxe
Casino Bar Band Member
Charles Scorsese
High Roller #1
Rodrick Selby
Congratulating Spectator
Christina Sigel
Harold L. Simonsen
Chief Justice Tournament
Fred Squillo
High Roller #2
Brian Sunina
Casino Bar Band Member
Wanda Christine
Casino Clerk (as Wandachristine)
Forest Whitaker
Jim Widlowski
Casino Bar Band Member
Bruce A. Young
Jim Hendricks
Commander USA (archive footage)
Kevin Bassett
Pool tournement extra (uncredited)
Stephen Burrows
Pool Freak (uncredited)
James Huffman
Newspaper Boy (uncredited)
Robert Minkoff
Bit (uncredited)
Mr. Skin
Audience member (uncredited)
Howard Vickery
Vincent's Opponent with Beard and Glasses (uncredited)
D. Danny Warhol
Young pool fan (uncredited)
Lenny Wilson
Extra (uncredited)
Steven Courtney
Extra (uncredited)