Crimson Tide


Tony Scott
Buena Vista
Hollywood Pictures
Production Company

American submarine USS Alabama, armed with nuclear weapons is ordered to strike Russia before they can launch a threatened attack against the United States. Highly decorated veteran captain Hackman sets off on a mission to declare war on the former Soviet Union but finds himself involved in a mutiny when newly-promoted XO commander Washington refuses to take orders and delay the threat of a missile launch.

Incredibly tense, well directed and very entertaining movie with a good cast and of course with the financial backing of Bruckheimer/Simpson, this is a must-see.

An extended cut of the film has also been released on DVD.

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12th May 1995

3rd November 1995

Crimson Tide
6th June 2000


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Denzel Washington
Lt. Commander Ron Hunter
Gene Hackman
Captain Frank Ramsey
George Dzundza
Chief of the Boat
Viggo Mortensen
Lt. Peter 'Weps' Ince
James Gandolfini
Lt. Bobby Dougherty
Matt Craven
Lt. Roy Zimmer
USS Alabama Communications Officer
Lillo Brancato
Petty Officer Third Class Russell Vossler
Rocky Carroll
Lt. Darik Westergaurd
Danny Nucci
Petty Officer First Class Danny Rivetti
Steve Zahn
William Barnes
Ricky Schroder
Lt. Paul Hellerman
Vanessa Bell Calloway
Julia Hunter
Jason Robards
Rear Admiral Anderson
Board of Inquiry President
Skip Beard
Board of Inquiry Member
Earl Billings
Chief Petty Officer Rick Marichek
Christopher Birt
Seaman on Alabama
Jim Boyce
Diving Officer
Eric Bruskotter
Scott Burkholder
T.S.O. Billy Linkletter
Tommy Bush
Admiral Williams
Ashley Calloway
Robin Hunter
Dennis E. Garber
Fire Control Technician
Jaime P. Gomez
Officer of the Deck Mahoney
Scott Grimes
Petty Officer Hilaire
Brenden Richard Jefferson
Mark Christopher Lawrence
Head Cook Rono
James Lesure
Seaman Tommy Walker (Guard #2)
Michael Milhoan
Chief of the Watch Hunsicker
Henry Mortensen
Henry Ince
Ryan Phillippe
Seaman Grattam
Ashley Smock
Seaman Fred Mitchell (Guard #1)
Bob Stone
Bob the Magician
Marcello Thedford
Seaman on Alabama
Richard Valeriani
CNN Reporter on French Carrier Foch
Daniel von Bargen
Vladimir Radchenko
Armand Watson
Seaman Davis
Seaman on Alabama
Seaman on Alabama
Seaman on Alabama
Seaman on Alabama
Seaman on Alabama
Bill Clinton
Himself, U.S. President
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