The Dam Busters


Michael Anderson
Associated British Picture Corp.

A bizarre plan is hatched to destroy Nazi dams. Quite possibly the best war film ever, mixing science and military derring-do in equal proportions. Terrific music. Guy Gibson's dog has an unfortunate name. The final model work is a bit sorry. Peter Jackson has expressed interest in remaking it. Highly recommended.

16th May 1955

17th October 2006

125 mins

8th January 2007

120 mins

21st March 2020

Michael Redgrave
Barnes Wallace
Ursula Jeans
Mrs. Wallis
Charles Carson
Stanley Van Beers
Sir David Pye
Colin Tapley
Dr. W. H. Glanville
Frederick Leister
Comittee member
Eric Messiter
Comittee member
Laidman Browne
Comittee member
Raymond Huntley
Official, Natnl Physical Lab
Hugh Manning
Official, Min. of Aircraft Prod
Patrick Barr
Capt. Joseph 'Mutt' Summers
Edwin Styles
Observer at Trials
Hugh Moxey
Observer at Trials
Anthony Shaw
R.A.F. Officer at Trials
Basil Sydney
Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur Harris
Ernest Clark
Air Vice Marshall Ralph Cochrane
Derek Farr
Group Captain J.N.H. Whitworth
Laurence Naismith
Harold Siddons
Group Signals Officer
Frank Phillips
BBC Announcer
Frank Phillips
B.B.C. Announcer
Richard Todd
Wing Cmdr. Guy Gibson
Brewster Mason
Flt/Lt. R.D. Trevor-Roper
Anthony Doonan
Flt/Lt. R.E.G. Hutchinson
Tony Doonan
Flt / Lt. R. E. G. Hutchison, D.F.C. (as Anthony Doonan)
Nigel Stock
Flying/Off. F.M. Spafford
Brian Nissen
Flt/Lt. Taerum
Robert Shaw
Flt/Sgt. J. Pulford
Peter Assinder
Flt/Off. G.A. Deering
Richard Leech
Sqd Ldr. H.M. Young
Richard Thorp
Sqdn Ldr H.E. Maudslay
John Fraser
Flt/Lt. J.V. Hopgood
David Morrell
Flt/Lt. W. Astell
David Morrell
Flight Lieutenant W. Astell, D.F.C.
Bill Kerr
Flt/Lt. H.B. Martin
George Baker
Flt/Lt. D.J.H. Maltby
Ronald Wilson
Flight Lieutenant D. J. Shannon, D.S.O., D.F.C. (later Squadron Leader)
Ronald Wilson
Flt/Lt D.J. Shannon
Denys Graham
Flying Off. L.G. Knight
Basil Appleby
Flight Lieutenant R. C. Hay, D.F.C.
Basil Appleby
Flt/Lt R.C. May
Tim Turner
Flt/Lt. J.P. Leggo
Ewen Solon
Flt/Sgt. G.E. Powell
Harold Goodwin
Gibson's Batman (Crosby)
Peter Arne
John Breslin
Crew member
Edward Cast
Crew Member
Richard Coleman
RAF Officer
Peter Diamond
Tail Gunner
Gerald Harper
Mocking RAF Officer
Arthur Howard
RAF Pay Clerk In NAAFI
Lloyd Lamble
Philip Latham
Flight Sergeant
Patrick McGoohan
Guard on Door
Jack McNaughton
Nina Parry
Wallace's Daughter
Edwin Richfield
RAF Officer