The Desert Fox
The Story of Rommel


Henry Hathaway
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Production Company

The story of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel from El Alamein to his implication in operation Valkyrie.

Sympathetic look at possibly the only German General to have elicited some admiration from the Allies. History seems fairly sound with genuine battle footage intercut although as with any number of war films, US military equipment stands in for German.

The IMDb lists an awful lot of actors that I cannot spot in this film, neither of the commando's credited as unknown here seem to be either Scott Forbes or Dan O'Herlihy and although von Stulpnagel and Montgomery are mentioned neither seems to appear.
~The Sloth

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James Mason
Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
Cedric Hardwicke
Dr. Karl Strolin
Jessica Tandy
Frau Rommel
Luther Adler
Adolf Hitler
Everett Sloane
General Burgdorf
Leo G. Carroll
Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt
George Macready
General Fritz Bayerlein
Richard Boone
Capt. Hermann Aldinger
Eduard Franz
Colonel Von Stauffenberg
Desmond Young
Himself, Lt. Colonel Desmond Young
John Alderson
German corporal
Mary Carroll
Rommel's maid
Steve Carruthers
Signal man
Paul Cavanagh
Lt. Col. Caesar von Hofaker
Robert Coote
British officer
Eric Corrie
Ashley Cowan
New Zealand Soldier
Charles Davis
Signal Man
Don De Leo
Maj. Gen. Ernst Maisel
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Himself (archive footage)
John Epper
British Medical Officer
Charles Evans
Gen. Schultz
Scott Forbes
Commando colonel
John Goldsworthy
Gen. Heinrich von Stulpnagel
Lumsden Hare
John Hoyt
Gen. Wilhelm Keitel
Robin Hughes
Walter Kingsford
Vice-Admiral Friedrich Ruge
Freeman Lusk
German surgeon
George Lynn
German Lieutenant
Lester Matthews
British officer
Sean McClory
Keith McConnell
British Agent
Clive Morgan
British Sub Lt. Commander
George Nader
Fred Nurney
German Colonel
Dan O'Herlihy
John Pickard
German Ski Trooper
Michael Rennie
Narrator (voice)
William Reynolds
Manfred Rommel
Ivan Triesault
German Major
Peter van Eyck
German officer
Harry J. Vejar
German Major
Trevor Ward
Bit part
Patrick Whyte
British Agent
Victor Wood
British medic
Wilson Wood
Sergeant Major
Carleton Young
German officer
Gestapo Man