The Dirty Dozen


Robert Aldrich

Classic war adventure based on a popular novel by E.M.Nathanson where twelve convicted criminals are enlisted on a suicide mission into France to capture a chateaux and a host of German generals who are held up there. Lead by Major Reisman (Marvin in magnificent form), he negotiates with General Worden (Borgnine) that should any of the men distinguish themselves in combat they will be granted pardons and released from prison as a reward. Motivated by this, the rugged twelve become a tight unit and go to battle - knowing that they may never return.
Without doubt, this is one of the most solid of wartime movies, with a show-stopping Cassavetes in top form, stealing every on-scene moment from Marvin. Brilliant!

-Lord Heath

Another cracking classic 60's war film. Come on you've seen it haven't you? Criminal soldiers are put together for a suicide mission. Savalas steals it as a religious psycho.

-The Sloth

A vastly entertaining and satisfying movie, with Aldrich's characteristic disdain for authority coming to the fore. It has to be admitted, though, that the actual plot is utter pulp nonsense. Why use a bunch of convicts to perform a mission Rangers or OSS were trained to do (and could probably perform without 70% casualties)? The "classic" book the film is based on is psychological nonsense that the filmmakers wisely discarded to make a pulpy action film. Note which has lasted the test of time. . .

Some great performances, with Brown, Bronson and Sutherland the standouts among the Dozen. Cassavetes is a little much. If you like scenery chewing, he's great, though. Bronson gets one of the best closing lines in cinema, too.

Note 04 October 2013: I see IMDb has "borrowed" my listing of the uncredited actors from here for their listing. Flattering, I guess, but kind of vexing to see one's work stolen. At least they have an accurate list for once.

-Dave W.

Three mediocre made-for-tv sequels followed in the 1980s: The Next Mission (1985), The Deadly Mission (1987), and The Fatal Mission (1988)

Thanks very much to MovieDude, Philly and Scott Palmer for helping ID many uncredited actors!

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The Dirty Dozen
E.M. Nathanson

The Dirty Dozen
15th June 1967

150 mins

The Dirty Dozen
21st September 1967

28th April 1998


Dirty Dozen (Collector's Edition)
16th May 2000


7th November 2000

150 mins

31st May 2004

18th April 2005

143 mins

3rd May 2005

150 mins

23rd May 2006

150 mins

7th August 2006

143 mins

26th September 2006


17th April 2007

149 mins

Kelly's Heroes/Dirty Dozen
22nd May 2007


100 Film Collection
29th January 2013

Lee Marvin
Major Reisman
Ernest Borgnine
Major General Worden
Charles Bronson
Joseph T. Wladislaw
Jim Brown
Robert T. Jefferson
John Cassavetes
Victor R. Franko
Richard Jaeckel
Sergeant Bowren
George Kennedy
Major Max Armbruster
Trini López
Pedro Jiminez
Ralph Meeker
Captain Stuart Kinder
Robert Ryan
Colonel Everett Dasher Breed
Telly Savalas
Archer J. Maggott
Donald Sutherland
Vernon L. Pinkley
Clint Walker
Samson Posey
Robert Webber
Brigadier General Denton
Tom Busby
Milo Vladek
Ben Carruthers
Glenn Gilpin
Stuart Cooper
Roscoe Lever
Robert Phillips
Corporal Morgan
Colin Maitland
Seth K. Sawyer
Al Mancini
Tassos R. Bravos
George Roubicek
Private Arthur James Gardner
Thick Wilson
Captain Haskell
Dora Reisser
German Officer's Girl
Unknown 5040-01
Shouting Prisoner
Unknown 5040-02
Shouting Prisoner
Unknown 5040-03
MP at Hanging
Unknown 5040-18
MP at Hanging
Lou Morgan
MP Putting Hood on Gardner
Hal Galili
MP Master Sergeant/Hangman
Lionel Murton
MP Lt. Colonel Presiding
Over Hanging
Unknown 5040-06
Officer at Hanging
Fred Stroud
Officer at Hanging
Unknown 5040-08
Officer at Hanging
Larry Cross
Chaplain at Hanging
George Hilsdon
Medical Officer at Hanging
Unknown 5040-10
Medical Officer at Hanging
Gordon Ruttan
MP Corporal/Desk Clerk
Unknown 5040-11
Sergeant at Desk
Unknown 5040-12
Officer at Briefing
Unknown 5040-19
Airbase MP at Desk
Unknown 5040-15
Airborne Captain
Warren Stanhope
Airborne Captain
Michael Segal
Airborne Band Conductor
Unknown Male 131
Airbase MP
Norman Morris
Airbase MP at Desk
Unknown 5040-13
Airbase Gate MP
Unknown 5040-16
Disheartened Airborne Soldier
Gerry Crampton
Terry Richards
Mel Downey
Tony Snell
Compound MP
Vicki Woolf
Suzanne Owens
Ann Lancaster
Romo Gorrara
Airborne Soldier
Eric Kent
Airborne Soldier
Ken Wayne
Master Sergeant Fredericks
Unknown 5040-22
Compound Gate MP
Rocky Taylor
Airborne Soldier
Unknown 5040-42
Airborne Soldier
Unknown 5040-43
Airborne Soldier
Unknown 5040-44
Airborne Soldier
Joe Cornelius
Airborne Soldier
Unknown 5040-31
Airborne Solider
Unknown 5040-34
Airborne Solider
Alan Gibbs
Worden's Sergeant
Unknown 5040-17
Sergeant at War Games HQ
Unknown 5040-25
Worden's Driver
Gary Files
Ambulance Driver
Burnell Tucker
Army Doctor
Unknown 5040-35
Sergeant at Command Post
Unknown 5040-36
Captain at Command Post
Unknown 5040-37
Captain at Command Post
Mike Stevens
Officer at Command Post
Unknown 5040-38
Officer at Command Post
Unknown 5040-40
Radio Operator at Command Post
Unknown 5040-41
Radio Operator at Command Post
Unknown 5040-29
C-47 Pilot
Unknown 5040-30
C-47 Co-Pilot
Richard Marner
German Sentry
John G. Heller
German Sentry
Roy Beck
German Officer in Staff Car
Leo Britt
German General in Staff Car
Unknown 5040-27
German Staff Car Driver
Hans Heinz
German Clerk
John Hollis
German Adjutant
Hedger Wallace
German Officer
Gerard Heinz
German General
Theodore Wilhelm
German Officer
Pat Halpin
German General
Ken Buckle
German Sentry Wanting Light
Michael Stayner
German Radio Operator
Cynthia Bizeray
German Officer's Wife
Unknown 5040-05
German Officer
Jack Sharp
German General
John More
German Officer
Joe Phelps
German General
Bill Felton
German Officer
Brenda Ernst
German Officer's Wife
Unknown Male 171
German Officer
Frederick Schiller
Drunken German General
Judith Furse
Drunken General's Wife
Aileen Lewis
German Officer's Wife
Alex Lewis
German Officer
John Tatum
German Officer
Emil Stemmler
German Officer
Juba Kennerley
German Officer
Dickey Luck
German General
Unknown 5040-52
German Officer
Victor Coventry
German Officer
Warren Stanhope
German Officer
Unknown Male 28
German Officer
Oswald Laurence
German Officer
Harry Brooks Jr.
German Officer
Richard Shaw
German Officer
Alan Chuntz
French Servant
Unknown 5040-54
French Servant
Unknown 5040-55
French Servant
Unknown 5040-56
French Servant
Jack Ross
French Waiter
Unknown 5040-58
French Waiter
Unknown 5040-59
French Waiter
Mark McBride
French Waiter
Unknown 5040-61
German Soldier
Joe Powell
German Sniper
Angela Kay
German Officer's Wife
Unknown Male 17
German Officer
Unknown 5040-64
German Soldier
Terence Plummer
German Soldier
Unknown 5040-66
German Soldier
Unknown 5040-67
German Soldier
Romo Gorrara
German Soldier
Roy Alon
Charlie Appleby
Peter Arnold
Peter Avella
Redmond Bailey
Del Baker
Jerry Baker
Bernard Barnsley
Sean Barry-Weske
Bill Baskiville
Nicholas Bennett
Willy Bowman
Marc Boyle
Peter Brace
Woolf Byrne
Derek Chafer
David Church
Mickey Clarke
Norton Clarke
John Clifford
Les Conrad
George Lane Cooper
Billy Cornelius
Harold Coyne
Maxwell Craig
Michael Crane
Billy Dean
German Soldier
Eddie Dillon
Mike Dillon
Kim Dowdall
Peter Dukes
Joe Dunne
Maurice Dunster
Hugh Elton
German Officer
Steve Emerson
Harry Fielder
George Fisher
Noel Flanagan
John Gallant
Pat Gorman
Tommy Graham
Richard Graydon
Reg Harding
Frank Harper
Aidan Harrington
Alan Harris
Declan Harvey
German Guard
Bob Head
Barrie Holland
Rusty Hood
Terence Horan
Billy Horrigan
Len Howe
Ken Hutchins
Mike Jarvis
Jazzer Jeyes
Malcolm Johns
Alf Joint
Phil Jost
Michael Kennedy
John Ketteringham
Paul Kirby
Roy Lansford
Ken Lewington
Frank Lieberman
Ned Lynch
Alf Mangan
Frank Mann
Manfred Morgan
Wolfe Morris
Peter Munt
Maureen Nelson
Alec North
Gerald Paris
Roy Pattison
Dinny Powell
Charlie Price
Bill Reed
Mike Reid
Stunt Driver
Michael Ryan
Pat Ryan
Andrew Sachs
Ray Schock
Jeff Shane
Larry Sheppard
Jack Silk
Paddy Smith
Eddie Stacey
Guy Standeven
Alan Stuart
Barry Summerford
Harry Tierney
Jimmy Tippett
John Triplett
Reg Turner
Ernst Walder
Ron Watkins
Chris Webb
Bill Weston
Paul Weston
Athelston Williams
Fred Wood
Bobby Wright

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