The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission


Andrew V. McLaglen

The first of three TV movies following on from the 1967 movie The Dirty Dozen, has Lee Marvin reprising his role as Major Reisman on another mission, albeit rather a bizarre one....he has to enlist the help of twelve convicted prisoners (again) to kill a German general who plans to assassinate Hitler.
Yeah, that one makes little sense to me too! Worth a watch.

Followed by two made-for-tv sequels: The Deadly Mission (1987), and The Fatal Mission (1988).

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Lee Marvin
Major John Reisman
Ernest Borgnine
General Worden
Ken Wahl
Louis Valentine
Larry Wilcox
Tommy Wells
Sonny Landham
Sam Sixkiller
Richard Jaeckel
MP Sergeant Clyde Bowren
Wolf Kahler
General Sepp Dietrich
Gavan O'Herlihy
Conrad E. Perkins
Ricco Ross
Arlen Dregors
Stephen Hattersley
Otto Deutsch
Rolf Saxon
Robert E. Wright
Jay Benedict
Didier Le Clair
Russell Sommers
Gary Rosen
Michael Sheard
Adolf Hitler
Bruce Boa
Crispin Denys
Denis Holmes
Gen. Pierre Fontaine
Alan Barry
Gen. Bulldog Bardsley
Don Fellows
Gen. Trent Tucker

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