Doctor in Distress


Ralph Thomas

The IMDb credits are considerably in error. Corrections noted.

30th July 1963

Dirk Bogarde
Dr. Sparrow
James Robertson Justice
Sir Lancelot Spratt
Samantha Eggar
Delia Mallory
Barbara Murray
Iris Marchant - Physiotherapist
Mylène Demongeot
Sonia / Helga Stronberg
(as Mylene Demongeot)
Donald Houston
Maj. Tommy Ffrench
Jessie Evans
Mrs. Parry
Ann Lynn
Mrs. Whittaker
Leo McKern
Harry Heilbronn
Rodney Cardiff
Student Doctor
(misbilled on IMDb as Dr. Stewart)
Dennis Price
Dr. Blacker
Fenella Fielding
Passenger on Train
Jill Adams
Paul Whitsun-Jones
Michael Flanders
Madge Ryan
Mrs. Clapper
Frank Finlay
Amanda Barrie
Margaret Boyd
Lady Willoughby
Reginald Beckwith
Bill Kerr
Australian Sailor
Jeanette Landis
Rosie - Sailor's Girl Friend
Michael Goldie
Physical Training Instructor
Ronnie Stevens
Hotel Manager
Joe Robinson
Sonja's Boy Friend
Peter Butterworth
Ambulance Driver
Timothy Bateson
Mr. Holly
Derek Fowlds
Medical Student Gillibrand
Pauline Jameson
Minor Role
David Weston
Dr. Stewart
Ronnie Barker
Man at Railway Station Ticket Counter
Christopher Beeny
Medical Student
John Bluthal
Railway Porter
Richard Briers
Medical Student (uncredited)
Johnny Briggs
Medical Student
Victor Brooks
Police Constable
Pauline Chamberlain
Nurse (uncredited)
Denise Coffey
Food Seller at Rail Station
Victor Croxford
Hospital Porter (uncredited)
Felix Felton
Health Farm Patient
Hilda Fenemore
Railway Station Barmaid
Barbara Hicks
Health Farm Receptionist
George Hilsdon
Police Constable
Juba Kennerley
Passerby (uncredited)
Ronald Lacey
Cafe Customer
Harry Landis
Man in Cafe
Aileen Lewis
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Robert Rietty
Various Roles (voice)
Renu Setna
Student Doctor (uncredited)
(misbilled on IMDb as Rene Satan)
George Spence
Health Farm Patient
Marianne Stone
Cafe Waitress
Toke Townley
Clerk of Works

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